December 27, 2014

Currumbin rock pools

Hello! I hope you guys had a fantastic Christmas filled with the best company. I spent my Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at the Huang household and as a result forgot to upload a post for my last day of #BLOGMAS woops.. sorry :(

Maddy and Sandra picked me up on Boxing Day at about 1pm in the afternoon to go on a spontaneous adventure! We planned to go hiking and threw in the word "waterfall" into Google maps before ending up at Currumbin rock pools... which was literally right next to the parking area but HEY we still got a really nice swim out of it. 

Gorgeous panoramic views.

Solid 50m hike from the parking spot to the water. 

Sandra and Maddy matchy matchy in Triangl and me in ASOS! #IBTC 

*intense faith in self to bring iPhone over water and not drop it*

I'd definitely recommend this place for anybody looking to go on a mini road trip! From memory it's about a 45-60 minute drive away from Brisband and it's really easy to find if you follow the GPS. We actually freaked out about 5km away because our reception cut out and we just followed the road hoping we'd get there HAHAHA. 

We've already made plans to ACTUALLY go hiking at Springbrook before Summer ends so I can't wait :') I hope all of you have a fantastic day! S.

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