March 27, 2011


March 26, 2011

Rose vines

I went to SLQ with the girlies and Khang again to study/do assignments. We didn't really get much work done today because we were using the SLQ wifi and my mum's crazy old laggy laptop to search up attractive people (not creepy at all). I left with Khang at two to eat lunch and go spend some time with him since we've both been studying our heads off.

Suitcase Rummage blazer, Jeans West shorts, Alex's cuff bangle I stole off her a year ago during art class, rings from Target, Silver city and Lovisa.

I think this new outfit thing I'm starting is pretty handy. I'm usually really hesitant to post if I don't have any photos but yeah, I guess outfit photos give me an excuse to blabber on about my day. Hope everybody has a wonderful evening ♥

March 25, 2011

First attempts

The sky was really nice this afternoon. My grandma saw me in the front yard and came out to ask me what I was taking photos of while ignoring the gigantic mass of pink and orange clouds above her head. Oh and since the sky was so pink, I hereby deem this day as Nina Appreciation day! Hopefully this'll make her feel better since she accidentally formatted her computer the other day which means that all the disgusting candid photos she took of everyone are now gone forever! I can now live peacefully without the fear of blackmail.

Sorry for not blogging for a week. I'm just running really low on inspiration lately so feel free to give me some via comments/formspring. This whole week was a gigantic ball of stress that everybody wanted to slam into a wall multiple times and rip to shreds using a pitchfork. I don't understand how I'm going to survive the next three (or was it two?) weeks of school. I still have assignments for health and art due in the next fortnight ugh /facedesk. What makes me hate school even more right now is that private ones had their last days of school today. TODAYYYY. The nine day holiday after this better be amazing asdjkahsdjkh.

Anyway, away from complaining about school~ I was at home today and decided to do something minimally productive so here's a simple outfit that some people were requesting a week ago or so. Have a wonderful weekend!

March 18, 2011

Meet my friends - sasas

If you guys have been following my blog for a while now, I'm sure you'd all be familiar with Adrii, Sandra, Alice and Salina. These little creatures are some of my closest friends and I could not live without them. They're all unique and lovable so here's a post dedicated to them. It's also so you guys can get to know them better as well :)

Full name: Adrienne Tran
Nicknames: Adrii, Adrian Trab, Adrenaline, Amanda the phone sex operator
Likes: JRM, Jason Dohring and the OC
Dislikes: My singing, getting embarrassed by teachers
Hobbies: Going onto my formspring to answer questions, taking horror photos, taking long romantic walks along the city at 5pm
Why I love her: She thinks she's hilarious, my parents love the shit out of her, she holds onto my wrist where ever we go, I go on an adventure everytime I enter her messy as room

Alice's Blogspot | Alice's Tumblr
Full name: Alice Huang
Nicknames: Lice, Liceyball
Dislikes: Being hungry, people not sharing food, Salina not having any lollies
Hobbies: Yelling, screaming, kicking. Actually, you know what? Hurting people in general sounds about right LOL.
Why I love her: She's one of the most outgoing people I've ever met. She's not afraid to tell people what she thinks of them and she's the perfect thing to hug.

Sandra's Blogspot | Sandra's Tumblr

Full name: Sandra Finow
Nicknames: Dora, Sandora, Sandracular
Likes: finding dragon flies in her wraps, fluffy animals, wind blowing people's hair around
Dislikes: bshs school bags, uncooked takoyaki/overcooked takoyaki, not being able to afford pretty clothing
Hobbies: going cross eyed whenever somebody looks at her, being my barbie doll, slapping my knee until it goes bright red and then saying sorry afterwards
Why I love her: What's not to love? If she were a guy, I'd marry her straight away. She's gorgeous, has a really down to earth personality although she's adored by so many (winkwinkwink) and enjoys dinner by candle light.

Salina's Blogspot
Full name: Salina Lin
Nickname: Nina, Weiner
Likes: Texting 24/7, lollies, chocolates, pink, adrian trabs, ditching me in legal studies, going to GOMA every single afternoon, hello kitty deodorant
Dislikes: People pulling out her ponytails, not being able to do an assignment when she has the motivation to, people deleting ugly photos off her phone
Hobbies: Ugly candid photographer extraordinaire. That is all.
Why I love her: She surprises me a lot. She'll be really quiet for half an hour and then out of no where.. "HAHA, YOU'RE SO UGLY". Yeah, she's hilarious and basically supplies the sugar for half the group every week. She's super adorable and I love hugging her as well because she's pretty much the same height as Alice.

So.. I hope that was interesting for some of you LOL. Hope everybody has a wonderful weekend! I'm off to watch the last boy's volleyball game for the year with Alice and Sandra tomorrow.

March 12, 2011

Pray for Japan ♥

I went out for Melisa's 16th dinner party yesterday! I saw her and practically tackled her because I missed her so much. It sucks because we pretty much only see each other every 10 weeks or so because of school ugh. Anyway, we went to a pretty little Korean restaurant and pretty much took up half of the place. I don't have much to say about it apart from the fact that the food was amazing and that their chicken curry was to die for askdjask. I'm hungry now TT

Oh yeah by the way, when the dinner was over and everybody was walking back to Queen street, this random guy with a cool European accent walked up to all of us and was like..

Guy: Why are there so many pretty asian girls in one area tonight?

Sarah: It's a birthday party

Guy: Oh who's the birthday girl?

*everyone points to Melisa*

Guy: *throws arms into the air* I'M THE BIRTHDAY PRESENT ;););)

And before I go, here's a photo of the maxi dress that Alice convinced me to get after five minutes of staring at it. It's from Foxx Foe for anybody wondering! Hope you have nice night ♥

March 10, 2011

DIY crystal bullet pendant

Inspired by and Unearthen

I was looking through the storage shelves during art today with Evelyn and came across these plastic gems which reminded of the crystal bullet necklaces that I'd been lusting after for a few weeks now. Here's a step by step guide with no pictures because I forgot to take any.

  • Thin and rectangular piece of imitation gem
  • Paint varnish(if the imitation gem isn't shiny already)
  • A small hallow cylinder big enough to fit a section of the gem in
  • Hot glue gun or super glue
  • Sturdy wire

  1. Make sure that part of the gem is thin enough to fit inside the metal cylinder. If it isn't, file part of it away using a hard object.
  2. Use the hot glue gun to fill up the cylinder slightly and place the gem as far in as you can/want to. Go around the area where the gem and the cylinder connect to make sure that the gem stays put.
  3. Get the wire and bend it to make a small loop. This is where you can put the chain through.
  4. Use the hot glue gun again to stick it in the other end of the cylinder
  5. If your gem isn't shiny and you want it to be, go over it with a thin layer of varnish. Now you're done!

It's not as nice as the ones on Unearthen obviously, but it's a pretty nice alternative if you wanna save a lot of cash. Be careful while you're making this because I was an idiot and burnt my finger with the hot glue gun :'(

March 7, 2011

Distant shadows

I look like a raccoon right now. Far out, I can't believe I have six weeks to go until what? A short little 7 day holiday. Asjkahsdjah so, I spent the weekend studying at SLQ with some of the girlies and it went pretty well I guess. This is pretty much what we were like for 70% of the time we were there:

We ran into Shelley while we were at SLQ and she made everyone go off task by luring us into watching crappy singing videos and taking really disgusting photos on her laptop. After she got bored she compensated by giving us free tutoring. She's actually a really good tutor if anybody's interested :D

We took a look around at suitcase rummage as well on Sunday and it kinda disappointing to be honest. Incase some of you didn't know, my friends and I pulled out from selling last minute so yeah~I walked around the place for almost an hour and all I found were some bangles and two jackets which aren't really photo worthy. A lot of the people selling ended up selling their stuff for 50c and lower by the end of the day because they were so tired ;(

-insert random photo to show how windy it was- Alice nearly got blown away while we were walking across the bridge LOL. Oh, and before I go, I'd like to congratulate Dora for having her photo on the home page of *wild applause*

ps/ sorry for such a badly structured post and goodluck to the people who have exams and assignments to do soon ♥

March 3, 2011


Hello hello. Just posting a short update today because I hate it when blogs I follow only update once a week well.. yeah I didn't wanna be a hypocrite :)

I love GOMA so much in words I cannot explain. I've been twice in the last fortnight for class excursions and it's really nice because it's not as crowded as it is on the weekends. I went down the massive slide and ran inside the balloon room which was one of the most entertaining things I've done in my life. All of us spent ages at the wish wall grabbing heaps of nice ones to give to friends. Some which included:
  • I wish that wishes came true
  • I wish I had a turtle and that there were no wars in the world
  • I wish that there was cheese on the moon
  • I wish I could explore the galaxy
  • I wish for good health (I'm tying this to my parent's arms)
  • I wish I could say whatever I wanted to
  • I wish my parents were immortal
  • I wish fish had wings

Khang took me to Max Brenner in the afternoon because I was in a really agro mood and he didn't wanna go to tutor. I swear, the chocolate there is so rich it could keep me happy for a week. The choc fudge sundae was so good asdasdhaskd. You guys must try it.

Ps. Incase some of you don't know yet. The next suitcase rummage is on this Sunday! I'll be selling some stuff (unless my mum decides not to let me go last minute) alongside with Evelyn, Alice, Dora and maybe Adrii :) Have a nice night.