February 8, 2016

Travel Diaries - Sydney: Day 02

Sneaker addicts minus me.

We spent the morning of our second day visiting Grounds of Alexandra with Anita! I have been dreaming and missing this place since we last went and it was so amazing to see the new additions they added :) We had to wait about 40 minutes for a table but I think Alice's ice coffee alone made our day.

So many gorgeous pastries.

 Thank you Annah the Instagram boyfriend. 


 My beautiful, delicious little mille feuille!


Bought some take away desserts from Black Star and tried the watermelon cake. It was....... interesting - I like it but it was just super different.

Pepper lunch!

Walked around to kill time before going to Ippudo for dinner. Last time Alice and I went to Sydney we became friends with one of the workers who is now store manager and he absolutely spoiled us with some complimentary dishes when we visited again!

Annah finally getting her 3 Mama Chefs ice cream!

Late night snacks from 7-11. The salted caramel popcorn is absolutely BOMB.

This post is dedicated to that adorable ask.fm follower to was probably the first person to read yesterday's update HAHA. I hope you all had a fantastic Monday and that you have a crazy week ahead, S.

February 7, 2016

Travel Diaries - Sydney: Day 01

Okay, so I may have gotten a little bit too comfortable at home over the last few weeks but after multiple days of Alice reminding me to blog I've finally gotten all the photos together! This time last week I was on holiday in Sydney with my lovely boys Annah and Alice. We flew with Tiger for the first time and stayed at Rendezvous Sydney Central. Whilst we were down there I remember people saying how awful the weather was in Brisbane but to be completely honest I think it was just as bad in Sydney. It was humid and rainy then humid and sunny (multiplied by 10 times) and ugh, it was just kind of gross HAHA. Nonetheless! Here are my little travel diaries for you to enjoy.

Snacked on these adorable Krispy Kremes with Alice after our flight.

First stop after we checked in: Sydney Fish Markets.

My boys hunting down some fresh salmon.

YUM! My favourite - aburi salmon and scallop. 

Took a walk around the city and stopped by at Aqua S so I could finally get this photo. The ice cream itself was actually really nice. Although, I do regret getting the fairy floss because it just turned into a massive mess. 

Stopped by at Sephora and did some serious damage to my wallet RIP. 

View between the two David Jones buildings. Super cool how the department store is broken into separate parts.

After a few hours of walking we decided to stop by Chat Thai for dinner.

I can't remember the name of what I ordered but Annah and Alice shared a plate of pad thai.

View from our rooftop pool which we didn't even get a chance to use :( 

My purchases of the day! 

By the time we had finished all of our shopping it was about 8pm so we went back to our apartment and got ready for OPM Sydney. I've always heard really amazing things about it and definitely wasn't disappointed!

Makeup for the night wearing everything new I purchased that day :)

Last bit of food before I slept. 

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! Day 2 of the travel diaries should be up in just a couple of days since I'm sure Alice will continue reminding me :') S.