February 26, 2011

To a certain extent

*edit: Melody just pointed out that she didn't understand the photo above and I realised that some other people wouldn't as well so um it's just Adrii being a creeper as usual LOL*

Hello hello. Sorry for not blogging all of this week but there's nothing really worth typing about plus I'm about to be drowned in exams/assignments which are due in the next fortnight so yeah~ sorry.

Adrii, Dora and Lice came over today so I could take more photos for art. I put aeroplane falsies (that's what Alice calls them since they're so thick) on all of them and we went to the top of my hill as per usual. About 10 minutes in, these old men honked their horns and waved at Dora. I don't blame them, I guess LOL.

Far out. Why is everybody so ridiculously pretty *rips face off*

We brought a mat so Dora could sit on it while we were near the grassy area but didn't end up using it so Adrii was using it as a cape and getting the most exercise she's probably had in ten years while yelling I'M SUPERMAN.

Anyway, before I go, yesterday I hit 100 Blogger followers and I want to say a huge thank you to everybody who reads srhtrng.blogspot.com. All the comments I get from people make my day and I have no words to explain how much I appreciate it :) I love all of you so much ♥

February 19, 2011

Robin Hikaru

I felt so stupid before I went to take the photos above for my art homework. This term my portfolio's going to be based on a "quirky but realistic" character that I have to design myself. I was an idiot and made my character love reading (not very original, I know) as one of her traits and then bam, I realised that the only novels I own are the ones I have to buy for school ugh.

Anywayyy, yeah.. There's not much to say today apart the fact that I am about to be swallowed up by maths and English assignments and that the Photobucket icons will be gone on the 29th of this month so until then T____T"

February 12, 2011


Happy birthday Jenny (for tomorrow). I went out for my little sister's birthday bbq today with some family member's and her friends. I swear the weather is so asdhasdjkh in Brisbane. On the holidays it was all rainy and then when we started school, perfect beach weather --"

The bbq was pretty alright. I didn't do much for most of it except for cook the food because I felt sick and ended up going home early with Adrii since we were both melting anyway. We ended up cooking way too much food and ended up taking three left-over trays home LOL.

By the way, I finished baking stuff for Valentine's day today. It looks really unappealing but knowing my friend's they'll probably eat it without hesitation LOL I hope I don't give anyone food poisoning or something ;~;

February 10, 2011

Whatever you like

While I was going through my Flickr contacts the other day, I came across burn our souls, release the wicked II by Ailera Stone and I really liked the headband that the models were wearing so I decided to make one for Sandra as a gift. The leaves were pretty fluro but it came out pretty nicely :3

1. What I used: Fake flowers that Linda gave me, lace I cut off from an old skirt, wire, needles and thread. First, all you have to do is wind the ends of the wire together to make a circle that'll fit around your head.

2. Wrap the lace around the wire and tie a knot when you're done. Don't cut off the excess lace.

3. Use a needle and thread to stitch the flowers onto an area close to where you tied the knot. Try to make it as stable and tight as you can.

4. Use the excess lace from the knot to cover the stitches you just made. The lace can be used as extra support to keep the flowers in place. Stitch the two tails of lace together discretely and cut off anything you don't need.

February 6, 2011

I kinda wanna be more than friends

I think I got more tanned after today ;~;

I went out with Adrii, Nina, Lice, Dora and Pong today. We watched Black Swan in the morning and omg it was one of the weirdest films I've ever seen. It was really good though, minus the random things popping out of no where and the awkward sex scenes. Dora and I were curled up into a little ball for most of the movie because I was using her hair to cover my eyes LOL.

After that, Alice took us to suitcase rummage and I'm in love with it now. People sell their clothing, art, whatever for crazy cheap prices there. All of the stuff I bought was under or $5.00 each with the exception of the perfume which was $10.00 ♥

Oh and before I go, I was tagged by Melody to do the seven beauty characteristics tag which I'll do quickly now. As quoted by Melody, "We girls always complain that we hate this and that, so be positive and say something you like."

1. Height - This is probably the first thing you'll notice about me irl. I'm almost 170cm and tower over most of my school friends LOL.

2. Nails - For some reason my nails always grow really fast and rarely snap.

3. Fingers - Okay not really. They only look long because my nails are long and without them they look short and stubby TT

4. Dimple - Even though I only have one on my right cheek. It's really shallow and for some reason you can see it more when I talk than when I smile.

5. Bottom lashes - I have too many lashes on the bottom in comparison to the amount on top. Speaking of which, my sister is probably laughing her head off reading this because her eyelashes are so thick they look like falsies --"

6. Forth tooth from the bottom left - This was Alice's idea.

7. Hair - Even though I hate it for growing so slowly, I'm really lucky that it's still healthy (minus the part I bleached a few years ago) after all the straightening/curling.

I tag Alice and Sandra!

February 3, 2011

I'm better near to you

Happy Chinese/Vietnamese new year! I really need suggestions on what to blog about.

Plans for the next two weeks:
  • Hopefully go to suitcase rummage on Sunday and watch Black Swan/Burlesque/The Green Hornet afterwards with a bunch of the girls
  • Sister's birthday bbq.
  • Watch people orgasm while they walk into air conditioned rooms at school