December 7, 2014


So.. Danny and I just had a 'who can do Adrii's makeup better' challenge and I'm still in shock as to how well he did HAHAHA. Anyway, I did one of these posts a few years back but thought that it was time for a more updated version! I'd like to quickly say that although there are only four girls featured in this post, there are so many other incredible people in my life who have made me laugh and smile just as much. So, to those people who are currently reading this and know that they are responsible for the happy being that I am today, thank you and I cannot even begin to explain how grateful and I am to have met you.  

Adrienne Tran 
Nickname: Adrii, adriixbby, Amanda (her alter ego who works the corner) 

How we met: I met Adrii on the second day of grade eight when we had business class together. I was the most awkward 13 year old who had no friends so naturally I walked up to her and blurted out "do you have any friends?". Luckily for me she didn't think anything of it and then we've been baes ever since. 

Things we do together: Everytime we hang out together one of us always ends up napping. We watch videos of people singing and all day brunch places are our jam. 

Find her: @adriitrann

Alice Huang 
Nickname: Alis, Licey.

Things that she's afraid of: heights, fish, butterflies, end of semester results (like, to a whole new level), pregnant women. 

Things we do together: Talk about our ridiculous list of first world problems. She is the worst person to be friends with when there are online sales. She'll be the first one to tell me and she'll be the only person who can successfully talk me into buying a designer bag which I didn't plan to get until I was 21. 

Find her: @alicehuang_

Grace Huang
If she got an award it would be for: chillest person ever. I was talking to her about this the other day and I was saying how I could tell her that I killed someone and her response would probably start off with something like "well, as long as you're happy..".

Things we do together: She is the ultimate therapist. Grace can give me life advice on literally every situation and is the perfect person when it comes to keeping me grounded and emotionally stable. 

Things she has too many of: bikinis. 

Find her at: @ghuang_

Sandra Finow 
Nickname: Sanslut, Ra, Dora 

Things that she's good at: applying red lipstick, being spontaneous, carrying her entire house in a bag.

If she got an award it would be for: being the most convenient person alive. She always has free time to come see you and also has EVERYTHING you could ever need with you. Whether it be a bandaid, hand sanitiser, a hair tie of a portable charger - she's got it. 

Find her at: @sandracular 


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