June 28, 2011


Yesterday was Michael's birthday where we spent most of the time doing this:

Which was followed by Green Cabs, KFC and karaoke.

I'm so bored out of my mind right now. Ugh, Brisbane has so little to offer without having to travel an hour away. I'm now left with going to new restaurants and anticipating the arrival of my report card to keep me entertained :( I think I'll just leave this post here now and wish everyone a good nights sleep ♥

Knit sweater from Dotti, Sheer pussybow top and skirt from Supre.

P.s I'm going to miss Linda in BCT because I love her and she is a star. (There you go, are you happy now?)

P.p.s Julia uploaded a new cover about a month ago so go rate, comment and subscribe to her!

June 25, 2011


This is just a short post to upload some more photos from the pre/semi formal and to say that I've made the decision to try and blog at least every three days. I'm on holidays and the only distraction is work so I don't see why I shouldn't :) I hope that everyone's having a wonderful weekend!

June 24, 2011

Fist pumping the night away

Tulle Dress:Dissh
Bangles and rings: Diva and Lovisa
Clutch: Borrowed from Fiona (thank you!)
Shoes: Lovelyshoes.net
Earring: Custom feather cuff made by Feathery Things.

My back hurts. Sandra and Alice are on my mattress. My semi formal is over and I'm really tired. Everybody came over to my house at about 11 in the morning and we chilled for four hours before we decided to get ready. Worst. Decision. Ever. Everyone was stressed out because there weren't enough mirrors and power points but in the end we had a little bit of time to spare so we went up to the top of the hill to take some photos. They weren't that nice because the fence was accentuated but okay, better than nothing.

We took a maxi taxi from my house to the semi location and waited outside in the cold until they let us in. The food they served was pretty nice. They served sweet potato crisps (which were amazing), tandoori chicken and curry nice, sausage rolls, party pies, chicken skewers, mini pizzas along with heaps of sorbet drinks that the bartenders mixed.

Alice forced me onto the dance floor for the last half an hour of the semi and far out, I'm pretty sure about 10 different people's sweat rubbed onto my back. All the chicks that had strapless dresses kept flashing because everyone was first pumping like crazy elbowing each other in the face. Totally worth it though.

One last thing before I go! Thank you to Feathery Things for making me the lovely custom feather cuff that Ben is wearing in the photo below (I couldn't get a good enough photo of it on myself). Their customer service is superb and the cuff is amazing. Click here for their Etsy and click here for their site.

June 20, 2011

It's been a while

Hi guys! Sorry for neglecting my blog for so long but I had blocks on :( I think I did okay for the most part but I know that I could've done a lot better.

The last two weeks or so have been pretty uneventful apart from the Create 2011 art exhibition which happened last Friday. My wearable art sculpture turned out horribly and ugh, it was so awkward while I was presenting it. I had to go stand in front of a projector and do some movements to match my concept. Since mine was perfection portrayed in the media, I was stuck there for the longest 60 seconds of my life pouting and posing my ass off.

Anyway, Adrii and Michael came over after their philosophy exam so we went up to the bridge over the highway to take some photos with Ethan since he was getting dusty.

Heart knit sweater from Ally, heeled ankle boots from somewhere I can't remember, tulle dress from Valleygirl.

I'm so excited for semi this Thursday night. 10 people or so are coming over to my house before it so we can all do eachother's hair and makeup. I'm really worried that it's going to be really boring but oh well, no going back from the finger food menu now |: Oh, my fake ear taper arrived in the mail today. I have a matching one with Adrii that Alice will soon have too! Hope you've all been well and that you have a great holiday ♥