December 11, 2014

#BLOGMAS: Photo & caption update LI

Top from Ally, jeans from ASOS, bag from Prada, name necklace from onecklace and watch from Daniel Wellington. 

Just a really quick splatter of photos for today's update. I'm spending my day wrapped up in my bed with two vanilla candles lit, light thunderstorms in the background and a bunch of comfort food which includes frozen lasagna and custard. I'm just four sleeps away from Sydney and couldn't be more grateful for the timing of this trip. I honest can't wait for all the food and new places to explore!

 Drake tickets arrived in the mail this afternoon!

 Bag from prada, boots from ASOS, skirt from ASOS, crop from Glassons, blazer from Ally. 

 Sunset views for dinner last night. 

 Southern chicken and green curry from Kinn Thai. 

Pork ribs. 

My secret santa from the dental clinic was the sweetest person and put 10/10 effort into wrapping my gift so it looked like a gigantic camera. 

 Welcome to my crib. 

 Some cakes the dental clinic received from another orthodontic practice. 

 Noosa chocolate factory with Alice. 

Picked up some stuff from the Body Shop! I picked up this rose perfume because they were having a spend $50 save $10 deal and I'm in LOVE with it. It smells exactly like Rose by Paul Smith Summer edition which was my all time favourite for the longest time and I'm ridiculously happy to have found something which can finally replace it. 

Nacho crust pizza with Adrii (it was okay...).

Ordered a new wallet which converts into a cross body bag off Shopbop! It should be arriving tomorrow just in time for my trip on Monday to Sydney. 

 1AM maccas deliveries from Danny. 

 Bag from Prada, shoes from eBay, playsuit from Little Jaycee, necklace borrowed from Jenny. 

 Sleepover views with Aileen. 

 From the time she convinced me to walk 6km at 12am back to her place instead of calling an Uber. 


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