September 28, 2010

Happy 16 months k3!

I was going to do a contact lens review today because I didn't have anything in particular to post today but then something else came up! Plus the lighting in my room isn't very good today because it's rainy anyway.

I came home from the bank today and saw a white package near the front gate for me :D!! Then I went to the back of my house and my Grandma gave me the rest of my packages I ordered about a fortnight ago yew!!

My packages include:
  • Falsie glue for Linda
  • Two braided headbands for Lice and Dora
  • Necklace for Vanny
  • Two galaxy projectors for Vanny and I (It's meant to be her birthday present but she already knows because someone snitched :[ )

Oh my god Alice just called and said she got her braces off ARGARHAGR :@ sighhh, anyway. Here's pictures of the galaxy projector while I was making it. It was so friggen annoying because the instructions didn't even match the stuff that they sent me -_-

I stole batteries from the TV remote.. LOL

September 27, 2010

I'm not really in the mood for typing so I think this post will be reasonably short minus the rant coming up. I went to Pancake Manor in the morning with Adrii and Linda for breakfast before Adrii had to go to Inala. Lindadada and I went to Botanical Gardens for me to properly try out my dslr. She left a bit after to go to bowling~

[rant] For the record, I feel two main emotions at the moment. Annoyance and a tinge of sadness. I feel annoyed because after dropping a certain thing I had against someone for quite a long period of time, I have a new reason for holding onto it again. I have no idea what the hell that person is thinking but believe me, it's enough for me to want to light their hair on fire. [/rant]

Photos of happy Lnd and Srh to finish off a negative post :) .

I'm still getting the hang of camwhoring with a dslr --"

September 25, 2010

I went to Lisa's place for a family gathering which was pretty fun. Jessie, Tony, Jenny, Kevin, Ricky and I were entertained by pop-pops and glow-sticks for about an hour or something LOL. Sorry about the photos, the slow-sync flash wiped out most of the detail :s

I went to Melisa's place to catch up with her since I haven't seen her in probably a full term or so. God I miss spending five days of the week with her when we were in primary )': I taught her how to put on eyeliner and fake eyelashes for about half an hour before we watched The Backup Plan which was okay~ Then we got to cleaning her room. She has so much stuff in her room which she doesn't use that it's not even funny -_- Here's some webcam photos we took :P

After this one, the rest are just retarded LOL.

To finish off today's post, guess what I just got a few hours ago? :D :D :D

September 23, 2010

I feel like making this post black and white :) Met up in the morning with Lice and Dora to buy breakfast from 7/11 since it was dollar day! We waited for Adrii before bussing to Chermside. Adrii and Alice focused on spending money while Dora and I were stingy and looked for bargains LOL. I got an anklet (finally), bracelet and pinky ring!

Adrii came back to my place and was amused at the fact that even with 10cm heels on, she was still shorter than me. By quite a bit too ):

In other exciting news, I may have my DSLR (second hand) soon :D :D :D

September 18, 2010

A new layout to start the holidays! A million thanks to Luquie for recommending me this blogskin. If you guys don't like something then leave comments feedback etc. I found a new script from another blogskin for the slideshow header as you can see. It's pretty neat I reckon.

Anyway, this morning while in bed on my phone, I was watching x-factor auditions and I realised something. During auditions there are always people who have emotional backgrounds for example how they had recently cancer or someone passed away which made them want to try out. Usually these people really good and the judges let them through to the next round but then I was thinking.. what if they're actually no good? Strain on the conscience much? ._.

Oh yeah, to finish up, this is something I thought was hilarious. While I was looking through photos to use for the header I came across these two photos of Dora and I.

September 17, 2010

Holidays! :D So many plans for the next fortnight which range from Laserforce to opshopping.

I went to Garden City with my girlfrans today so everyone could get clothing, presents and try on heels. We spent most of our time in Dotti and Equip. I tried on a few different dresses from Dotti (including the first maxi dress that I've ever tried!) Didn't end up getting anything because I was surviving the day on $20 --" Alice managed to snatch a pretty $20 dress from Dotti which was absolutely gorgeous!

Equip was having a $5 sale so I got a leopard print headband! Speaking of sales, the shoe store next to Toys R Us at Garden City is having a closing sale so they're selling the nicest heels for $30! :D

With Linda in the morning :)

Alice looks so feminine with heels on right? I really liked the heels I was wearing but the thing is the heel was more than 10cm wtf. I'd be taller than Khang wearing those --"

Linda and I were talking about this dress for a while so I tried it on and yeah.. this is just for her to see what it looks like. I wouldn't mind buying this for semi :P

Alice and her $20 dress.

Minus Salina who was trying on a dress for the first time in a million years.

September 16, 2010

I have writers block. Alice tried inspiring me. Didn't help LOL.

- srhkhng♡says:
- aliceecourtney // Johnnyvu says:
*Look at me
*and look back at your keyboard
*then look at me again
*and back at your keyboard
*you are now

Happy birthday Yasmin ♥

I didn't do much except bought $40 worth of stuff off ebay this afternoon. Feels good to shop online again. Thanks to everyone who took the survey for my BOM, you guys helped a bunch ♥ I'll blog properly tomorrow.. well I'll try to anyway :)

September 13, 2010

This afternoon when my dad came out of the shower, he walked into my room and was like "Sarah, can you smell the new perfume you bought me!? :D:D" I said no so in response he shoves his armpit into my face. -_-

After that he was laughing his head off and looked like this:

LOL okay anyway, I need you guys to do a huge favour and help with me with my BOM assignment! If you guys don't mind can you click on the link below and complete the survey :(

September 11, 2010

Contact lens review for Max series (Pure Grey) !
These lens are probably one of my favourites. I've had them for nearly half a year now and I love them to bits! They're really good for enlargement as they provide awesome dolly eyes without going over the top. These were purchased from Okay, here's the advertised picture.

They look exactly like the advertised picture which is wonderful.

Here they are in their adorable case which I also purchased from Mukuchu. Their cases are of excellent quality!

Comparison photo

Natural white light. I decided to put on some makeup so my eyes looked a little more even --'


Natural light

Natural light

Design: 9/10 - One of my personal favourites. Their design blends in really well so even in flash photography you can't see your natural eye colour very much through the center of the lens.
Size: 10/10 - I love how they're 14.50mm lens. It gives a nice dolly look without going over the top and making you look like a bug.
Colour: 9/10 - They're a really nice shade of grey that aren't too dark or too light.