about me


Thank you kindly for stopping by. 

My full name is Sarah Nguyen Truong and I'm turning 21 years old this year on the 25th of July. I was born and raised in Brisbane and get extremely home sick.

I am full Vietnamese. I have a younger sister named Jenny, a budgie named Bobbi, and a brand new addition to the family in the form of a fluffy black cat named Lunar (like the one in Sailor Moon!). My friend network is made up of a group of people who I love to death and am so grateful for. I'm dating a fantastic person named Simon who has done nothing but support me and made sure that I am never hungry. 

I'm currently completing my last semester of my undergraduate business management degree majoring in marketing and am due to graduate in the middle of this year if all goes to plan. I've had a string of jobs I can't seem to want to stay at for more than two years. I've worked as a retail assistant for Supre, a dental assistant, a Summer host at Mecca Maxima and a brand ambassador for ASOS. 

About a year ago I decided that I wanted to pursue a part time job in beauty since it was one of my biggest passions in life. I was very fortunate to start as a 2IC of a Kiehl's counter. After about six months of focusing on skin care, I decided I wanted to learn more. I decided to apply for CHANEL for the hell of it and when I got a call back I was on my lunch break trying not to choke on my burrito bowl at GYG. I've been working with them as a beauty advisor since November of 2015.

I originally began blogging many years ago when I read a manga named Koko Ni Iru Yo. The manga's main character had a blog and became close with two anonymous online identities who gave her constant support *very vague summary*. Years later I've had the absolutely amazing pleasure of meeting new people through the blogosphere and all over social media. 

I'm horrible at stringing together sentences hence you'll notice that the majority of my posts are filled with a heap of photos but nonetheless I hope you enjoy what you see! 

Love, Sarah. 

- last updated 29 May 2016 -