April 26, 2013

Photo & caption update XVI

First things first! Here are the results of the great pie debate!!! To be honest I wasn't too surprised with the results but nonetheless, it makes me so happy to know that the majority of you guys only use a microwave to cook your pies. (Like how I put everything into pie charts?) 

How do you cook your pies?

How do you eat your pies?

Do you eat your pies with a fork?

Do you take out the vegetables from your pies? 

Alright, now moving on. My gorgeous camera finally arrived in the mail after a million years so hopefully it'll make a difference in the quality of photos for you guys.

Rose by Paul Smith (2011 Summer Edition) - my all time favourite perfume

Strawberry.net send you a free gift whenever you order :-)

I made a dent in it when I opened it for the first time asdhiahso: Mary-Lou Manizer by The Balm

Messed up my thumbnail very badly..

Went to QUT with some seniors 12 lovelies so the guys could play handball before watching Iron Man 3 (LOVED IT BTW)

Dinner at Madtongsan with Jason

Floral top from asia-fashion-wholesale.com; skirt from Princess Polly sample sale; belt from Dotti

Hope all of you are well and will post again soon! xo, s.

April 14, 2013

The great pie debate & Hannah's 18th

The colour scheme of this outfit reminds me so much of the Mrs Bunny brushes from Sigma! Skirt from Princess Polly sample sale - top borrowed from Jenny's wardrobe.

Hi guys! This post is going to be two topics in one tonight because I really need everybody's help. If you follow me and a couple of my friends on Twitter, you'll have seen that we're all arguing over 1. the proper way to cook your pie and 2. the proper way to eat your pie.

I personally shove my pie into a microwave for 3-4 minutes to cook it. As for eating it, I peel off the lid, empty about 1/3 of the bowl's contents onto the lid, make a taco out of it, eat the lid and then eat the bowl and everything left in it after. For the sake of my own curiosity, I've set up a little survey (lame, I know). It's super short so take a look at it if you feel like it :-)

Moving on... I had the pleasure of celebrating Hannah's 18th birthday two nights ago! She rented out a huge function room with a dance floor, lasers, smoke machines and had the best DJ. Here are photos:

Marina and the Diamonds

Left the party for a bit to catch up with some of the Supre girls who were there.

Trust Christa to always put a smile on your dial.

Uploaded this photo even though my eye is falling off because Liane looks amaaaaazing!!!

Jason and I turned up to the party on time and there were only about 5 people...

And that is all for today! I hope all of you enjoy the rest of your weekend. I will be spending tomorrow trying to finish off my marketing plan :'( xo, s. 

April 8, 2013

Photo & caption update XV

Good morning lovelies! I start uni again tomorrow so here is a quick little update in case I go MIA because of mid-sem exams. 

Forgot to upload this in my last photo and caption update

Iced chocolate from San Churro and we found Nina some cute little jelly flip flops xx

Lime mint julep from Shingle Inn with Adrienne - isn't she the most beautiful girl!?

Most amazing london eggs benedict and fried eggs, bacon and toast for brunch

Tried out a side fringe for the first time in years and then gave up after two hours

Such an adorable little hashbrown! It looks like a carrot here

Princess Polly had a pop up store with a bunch of sample items for $10 each | standard Noggi dates

Melon, pineapple and sake cocktail with sweet chilli and teriyaki sauce karaage 

Have a lovely week guys! xo, s. 

April 5, 2013

Photo & caption update XIV

This week has literally flown by and I have only spent total of approximately 20 hours doing something productive. After finishing high school I said that I'd pick up my game but nope, that definitely hasn't happened. I'm spending most of my spare time waiting for more lives on Candy Crush now. Aaaanyway, here's what's been going on in my life (in no particular order because I messed up the order).

Was going through my hard drive and found old photos from when Sandra and I used to go out heaps with Chase

Finally got to wear my stockings from Taiwan. I'm still desperately in search of some suspender ones!

Lunch with lovelies at a Taiwanese restaurant at Sunnybank

Finally go to go ice skating after a million years

Home made breakfast at Evelyn's house

Getting ready for Jun's 18th

How fabulous is Connie?

Lunch at Bamboo basket - lemon lime bitters and vegetarian spring rolls

Wara Wara dates with Adrienne

My 12 year old cousin gave me this for Easter

Unintentionally bought a bag that matches my wallet

Details for dinner with Melisa at Emporium

Ann Gyoza House - AMAAAAAAAAAZING sweet chilli karaage

I hope you guys have a great weekend! xo, s.