October 27, 2014

Happy 19th Doctor Kim!

If you need any indication on how behind I am on uploading photos, this is probably it. Jinwook celebrated his 19th birthday a day before the iPhone 6 launch (yep.. that long ago). He hosted an event at Elixir and I got to experience my first roof top bar! I had an absolutely incredible time with some fantastic company so a billion thanks to Jinwook for hosting :) 

I was laughing so much while taking this selfie because I could see Adrii's head bobbing in and out of the frame as she jumped to try get into the photo. 

I asked the bartender to make me anything with Baileys in it and my eyes almost popped out of my head when I saw her crack a raw egg into it O.O

 First and hopefully last ever taste of Patron. 

Bodysuit from Supre, skirt from Sheike, cross body bag from Dotti. 

 Delicious tapas!

 Sarah Nguyen and Sarah Nguyen Truong with matching shoes. 

Wandered back to the city afterwards and passed Pie Face to buy a sausage roll and cookie.

Took a photo with people sleeping in front of the Apple Store before the iPhone launch. 

Just under a month until I'm on holidays and can be spending my time with the people I love yaaas! I'm so excited you guys have no idea. Until next time I hope you guys have a fantastic evening and stay safe x, s. 

October 20, 2014

Happy 3rd Anniversary

Long time no talk and as always, a billion apologies! I spent the last week stressing so hard about uni and work that I got two gigantic mouth ulcers. Obviously the best possible timing because they came around just as Jason and I celebrated our third anniversary last Friday *major sarcasm*. We originally planned to celebrate our third anniversary by heading down to the coast for a few nights but for some reason all of the apartments were ridiculously expensive. 

Instead we ended up having dinner at Sono Portside. For our anniversary last year we went to Sono in the city and it can't even compare! The service is twice as good as it was in the city and the whole vibe of the place is much more intimate since it's a river view restaurant. For anybody wondering, Jason got me a Canon 600D (which is the same DSLR I sold a while ago and have regretted over the last few months) and I got him a car part for his bae!

Buta kakuni - pork belly.

Kani cream korokke - deep fried croquette filled with cream and blue swimmer crab meat. Definitely one of the most popular appetizers being ordered during the night.

 My highlight of the night - teriyaki salmon. This dish is an absolute dream. The salmon is delicate, the skin is super crispy, and the mash is just.. ugh *melts*.

Jason's tempura moriawase - a plate filled with different types of seasoning, seafood and vegetables.

WAH *squishes cheeks* 

Profiterole swans to finish of the meal! 

After dinner we both went home to sleep off our food comas. The next morning Jason picked me up  super early at 7am (a huge deal if you know what time he usually wakes up) to take me to Wivenhoe Dam.

We drove for about two hours before we made it to Cormorant Bay Cafe for breakfast. The cafe was gorgeous and had an amazing view over a huge body of water. Jason and I actually haven't managed to have breakfast together in the three years that we've dated so this was a pretty big deal for me. 


Eggs benedict plus a hash brown and some earl grey tea with milk. HANDS DOWN the best eggs benedict I've ever had.

We headed back into Brisbane just before midday and checked into a little hotel I found on Wotif. The place was called Brisbane Riverview Hotel and we paid for the weekend rate so it was pretty cheap considering everything else in the area and at the coast was at least double the price. Jason and I fell in love the moment we walked in. The only downside is that it's not really close to anything except for Eat Street so you need to drive around to get to places.. but the parking is free so that works too!

Stopped off at Jason's before heading to the hotel to visit his dogs. They got shaved and now they look like rats :(

 Yes hello, I am Truong.

Seriously, this is honestly the only place I've stayed at which looks better than the photos provided on the website.

A+ effort into packaging for their freebies.

 Good lighting in the bathroom is always a bonus.

 Here's my favourite thing about the place - the free tea and coffee like WHAT!? Harney and Sons tea - I could cry. Needless to say I took all of them home with me after the stay HAHAHA.

 Forgot to eat these and was devastated the next morning half way home when I realised :(

 They also gave you a pillow menu.

 Took a well needed nap before heading out to Eat Street with Adrii and Jason later that evening.

SARAH AND ADRII'S FIRST CRONUT - the verdict: yummy but sooo overhyped.

 Potato slinkies!

 Jason and I got so excited because we found the same churros stall which was at the French Festival earlier this year.

Enormous pretzels bigger than my face!

This is me.

 My personal fav is the husband and wife 4 life card.

The day after we checked out and spent the day eating more of our usual food so nothing super interesting to share there. Just one last thing before I end this post though - on the hotel description they list all of their benefits so they had things like free wifi, free newspaper, and then the very last thing they share is free apples HAHA. So literally on every floor near the lifts there was a table of free apples for all the residents. I thought it was adorable.

Super sorry if this post was hard for you to read because of my grammar or anything. I just finished off 9 hours of training today so I'm completely exhausted *collapse*. I hope all of you are well and had a fantastic start to your week x, s.