January 5, 2015

Springbrook National Park

Hello and a huge happy new year! I hope everybody had a fantastic night of celebrations whether it was spent turning up at the count down or in a bed burrito watching a movie. I'm so excited for all the things this year has to bring and I'm more positive than ever that it's only gonna get better. I spent my new years eve setting up a hot pot dinner with some close friends before heading off to a party to prepare for the count down at Lust :)

I'm hitting you guys again with another mini adventure post. I left Brisbane just before 12pm with Alice, Sandra and Maddy before heading off to Springbrook. I haven't been back here for about two years and couldn't have been happier that the weather was absolutely perfect for the 5-6km walk. 

Stopped off at Maddy's bright and early to visit her new tiny little puppy. 

 Front seat feels because of car sickness. 


 Half an hour later tada! I didn't get a chance to swim around because the water was so cold my feet were numb just five minutes after stepping in :(

I hope the first few days of 2015 have brought nothing but happiness to everybody! Can't wait to post again for you guys soon :) S. 

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