December 1, 2014

#BLOGMAS: Photo & caption update L

Peach ice tea from Passion Tree Velvet

Hello! I'd like to start with the usual apology for disappearing off my blog over the last few weeks. I've finally finished the second year of my marketing degree and fingers crossed that all goes well in two days when my grades come out.

I've thought about this over the last week or so and am about 80% sure that I'm going to either regret this or not be able to fully complete it butttt - to make up for neglecting my blog over this year, I'd like to make it up by doing blogmas! So, for every day of this month up until Christmas I will be putting a hell of a lot of effort and well needed love into my blog by uploading a post. *fingers crossed*.

I've got about 20 minutes to get this post up in order to make the first day of this blog challenge so I'll leave it here for now and start it off with a photo and caption update :) Thank you all for being so patient with me this year. I know that it's been a little bit slow for srhtrng so I'll do my best to finish 2014 with a bang.

Also, happy 50th photo and caption update woop!

 Christmas party!

 My first drink from Noosa Chocolate Factory with Aileen.

The view from Aileen's rooftop.


Fondue and pudding from Passion Tree.

My little sister graduated! So proud of you Jenny :')

 Post graduation feed with Adrii, Jenny and Danny.

Shout out to the best artist ever.

Cheap wine and tea with Aileen.

What happens when you study late night with Michelle Kim.

YAAAS. Finally got my hands on the limited edition Too Faced Everything Nice palette.

Picked up some goodies from eBay.

 Brunch with Aileen at Plenty.

 Best feed at Public with Sarah, Lorna and Sandy.

Salmon don *drools*.

 Finally getting the hang of curling my shorter hair.

 Top and bottom from ASOS, bag from Prada.

Dinner at Kinn Thai.

Sunrises at UQ while all nighting for exams.

 Adrii made a srh sandwich.

Recommendation of the freaking year: black rose from T2.

 Roshes off ASOS.

 Chicken from Seoul Bistro.

 More food from Kinn Thai.

 50c macaron toppings on my white iced chocolate from Passion Tree.

 I hope everybody in Brisbane had a safe weekend. The recent hail destroyed all the windows at the front of my house and smashed all my front windows :(

WOOP. Made it with a minute to spare. I'm really hoping I'm able to do this challenge properly. I'm heading to high tea tomorrow with some gorgeous girls so I can't wait to tell you guys all about it. All my love and I hope you're enjoying the warmer weather. S. 

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