May 21, 2011


Yay, I'm alive.

Adrii, Alice and Sandra came home with me today after a huge day of accessory and make up shopping so that they could help me with my next art assessment. For some reason the art department are making us include a multimedia presentation with our sculpture so I'll hopefully be projecting the photos from the post today onto my future dress made out of measuring tapes. I should've mentioned this a lot earlier but with the next task, our outfit/sculpture/dress/whatever needs to reflect something about living in the 21st century. I chose media portrayal of perfection hence the excessive makeup and measuring tapes. Hopefully everything makes more sense now.

By the way, before I go, how mature do Alice and Sandra look in the photos from today? /ripsfaceoff

Have a great weekend ♥

May 18, 2011


I'd like to start off by saying that the latest episodes of How I Met Your Mother & Gossip Girl were amazing and that I love Fiona very much. I don't really have much to say today so here's a brief recap of what's happened in the last nine days of my life.
  • I somehow managed to resolve my sketches for my next art assessment
  • My BCT teacher amused me when he used the word 'dope' in a sentence
  • I isolated myself many times to reflect on how badly I'm doing in subjects
  • I bottled up my stress and took it out on Khang two or three days in a row
  • Alice told me that The Latin Clothing company was having a five for $75 sale
  • Adrii made me watch clips from the OC
  • Sandra turned into an owl
  • I had an argument with Joy about whether her muffin was green or not

Looks pretty green to me.

So yeah, it's been a pretty dull couple of days filled with a lot of complaining/stress/procrastinating and I'm sorry for not posting as regularly as I usually do. I hope everyone's well and good look for people who have blocks coming up. I'll now leave you with two photos of adorable Paulie ♥

By the way, please help MacGregor State High School win the wildcard to perform at the Bring It On grand final by clicking here to like their page! :)

May 9, 2011

Rummage 8/5

I went to Suitcase Rummage with some of the girls yesterday and to be honest it was a pretty dodgy day. I started off selling most of my stuff for $5 and ended up taking it down to $1 since no one was buying. For anybody wondering I sold jewellery, bags, old clothes and made about $70 profit at the end of the day. Most of my jewellery was gone by the end of the day but I still had a majority of my clothes :( I'm probably gonna be selling again next month to try get rid of some more stuff.

A lady came up to all of us in the afternoon when the rummage was about to finish and told us not to worry that we didn't sell much. We got an area in front of a bin and a massive pole plus it was mother's day so yah~ She bought 10 of my rings to make me feel better /loveherforever

That photo of Alice being lonely is pretty much what our area looked like for the whole day. Fiona tried this new plan to get people's attention where she'd come over to our area and pretend not to know any of us while asking how much our stuff was before yelling OH MY GAWSH ONLY FIVE DOLLARS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CHEAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A few hours later a lady came over to us and was like.. "Was this the place before where some girl was screaming about stuff being so cheap. I saw her and was thinking, whoa, okay I'll just stay away from there".

Okay, maybe it was more of a be there moment. Fee, if you're reading this, I love you.

One thing that did sell off pretty quickly were Evelyn's deathly hallow earrings that she made herself!

Here are two of the things I bought yesterday even though my mum wants me to resell them next month. She thinks they're ugly so okay, I'm cool with that I guess.

Last thing before I go! Check out Juicy's youtube videos. She's super talented and always blows me a kiss whenever I see her ♥ Have a great night.

May 4, 2011


Here's a list of things of what I learnt today while working on my first shift at Supre

1. I have a tendency to get nervous and yell at customers when I ask how they are
2. Most people don't reply when I ask them how they are
3. If people do reply they usually ask 'how about you'
4. I forget to reply to them a lot of the time
5. I must wear jeggings until the end of Winter askdjhasdk

So yeah.. I had a pretty good first time at work. For anyone interested, the three hours I spent there were mostly put into saying 'hi, how are you' a million times and constantly having 10 pieces of clothing on my arms trying to figure where they were meant to go. There was this crazy gorgeous girl who was doing a trial run in the middle of my shift and damn, she was amazing. Not only was she able to actually have proper conversations with customers (unlike me), she also made a sale 5 minutes into her trial. I'm jealous :(

Anyway.. in other news exciting news, my art class did life drawing with a nude model and my eng report, which is due on Friday has hit an amazing 30 word mark /applause.

Oh wow this is the first proper post I've written which doesn't have any photos. I don't feel complete. Here, have some photos of Jordan Witzigreuter (aka my new celebrity crush) from The Ready Set.

Ps/ Remember that Alice, Sandra and I will be selling at Suitcase Rummage this coming Sunday so please say hello if you see any of us! We'd love to meet more of our readers :) Have a wonderful night!

May 2, 2011

Black and white diamonds

Maxi dress from Foxx Foe, bracelet and three finger connecter ring from Diva.

I went to the Buddha birthday festival at Southbank yesterday and it was a pretty alright day. Mel, Dora and Lice came over to my place in the morning so that we could get ready before leaving the house to meet up with everybody else at 1. Those girls have something seriously wrong with them. I cooked egg for them for breakfast and they got all up at me because they were all scared shitless of the yolk. Anyway yah, we met up with everyone and had brunch at Gelare before going to the city to chill in karaoke etc. I actually didn't do much now that I think about it.

I just realised that I didn't look for the area where you can write wishes.

Everybody did so much walking yesterday asjdhad I don't know how I survived. I was stupid and forgot to bring a pair of flats so I ended up changing between two pairs of pumps and a pair of wedges (thanks Sandra and Aileen) before walking around barefoot for the last few hours of the night. I also somehow managed to stumble hard enough whilst walking barefoot on concrete to make my big toe bleed :'(

Fiona has a really nice tan. I'm jealous.

The fireworks this year were so gorgeous compared to last years. I remember that everyone ended up really agro at the end of the show because they kept pausing or changing the music every 10 seconds.

I love Adrii and Khang.

By the way, sorry for being away for longer than usual but school work is going to eventually catch up to me and screw me over so I have to start prioritising a lot more zzz.

Okay, two more things before I go. Firstly, I get my first shifts at Supre this week yay and secondly, vote for Sandra on Dotti. Her button is on my sidebar somewhere! She's a hundred votes or so behind the leader at the moment and if she wins then she will love you forever. Pass it around and be lovely? :) Have a great day.