November 30, 2013

Photo & caption update XXX

A little late night action to match the late night title? Aye aye aye. I can now confidently say that I am absolutely terrified of having to work full time after I finish university. I went from working 15 hours to 30 in just one week and I'm honestly so surprised that I haven't disappeared into nothingness yet. The only thing that makes the workplace a bit better is that I got Adrii an opportunity to work with me! If all goes well she should be able to start before the end of the year.

In other news, where did this year go!? In half an hour it'll be December and then we'll all be counting down to Christmas ahhhh (which also means I am due for my annual Christmas blog template). December will also be the month where I finally announce the project I've been working on! I've got to admit that I could have timed this better but everything will be put together in about a weeks time. Hopefully it'll be a nice little something for you guys to enjoy as well :) 

Sandra finally turned 18!!!

With Michelle and a very shy Aileen.

My little poop.

Fiona wore a gorgeous brand new dress to Sandra's and realised about an hour into the party that she didn't cut off the tag. I kept teasing her about how she was gonna go back and return it only to find out later that I hadn't cut the tag off my skirt either woops....

Super ghetto speakers that Fee made (actually worked by the way).

Late night Hungry Jacks stop with Jason.

Cindy's Hawaiian themed 18th.


Grill'd for dinner.

Cupcakes for the dentists!

Jason was the sweetest of all people today and decided to surprise me with a Mimco bracelet I've been wanting for a couple of months now! It came in the bag with some Krispy Kreme and he even topped it off with a sandwich toaster *lucky*

I hope everybody has a great weekend! To all the uni students who got their grades, congratulations if you're happy and chins up high if you're not :) Enjoy the rest of your three month break! x, s. 

November 21, 2013

Photo & caption update XXIX

How on earth has it already been nine days!? I've got no clue how my body has managed to deal with my sleeping pattern, work and the many birthday parties (happy birthday to the people that know who they are!) since uni has finished but nonetheless I am still here and alive. Since uni has finished I've upped my work hours by about 15 per week so I hope you guys understand if I'm a bit slow on updates while I adjust :( ALSO YAY, not really my news but Jason finally got a job! Now he's stuck with me in Brisbane over the holidays instead of travelling all over Asia. 

By the way, I recently watched Shingeki no Kyojin and absolutely loooooved it but when I finished, I realised I need new shows to watch while I'm on the holidays. I'm still following HIMYM and Ja'mie: Private School Girl but I've got time to take on some other TV shows/anime. If you guys have any suggestions I'd definitely like to hear them! 

The chocolate muffin was too sweet and then I couldn't taste my chocolate milkshake... #firstworldproblems

David cheering us up while we studied for our accounting exam. 

Went to go help Sabrina with her hair and makeup before her formal!

Drives with Jason.

Dinner at Kotobuki.

In the period of two weeks I've been to Wagaya three times...

Tempura prawn and avocado sushi. Creme brulee, ice cream and chocolate cake.

My Ninaninanina.

Happy 18th to the adorable Grace Han!

Adrienne writing me love letters with her new typewriter.

I tried out Sono Hamilton to welcome back Shelley and oh my gosh I was so embarrassed. After going to Sono in the city I thought it'd be casual-ish so I literally went in a grey t-shirt and black drawstring pants... Regardless the food was amazing and I'd definitely recommend it if you've got a bit of money to spoil yourself. The restaurant had an amazing waterfront view and the service was impeccable! 

DEFINITELY ORDER THE SALMON TERIYAKI! The skin on the fish is an absolute dream.

Tempura udon and Queensland tuna mini rolls.

Dessert at Freestyle. Creme brulee and traditional bread and butter pudding.

Delicious soy marinated chicken dinner.

Dessert at Casamia Paris.

Creme brulee. The dimensions of the creme brulee were kind of strange but I really liked the ice cream and the bowl it was sitting in. The presentation is obviously amazing too!

I ordered some custom pillow case covers for Jason. Now he can cuddle up with Krista every night before bed.

Wagaya for Adrii's 18th birthday! How adorable is the cake David made for her?

A few of us arrived late and the staff made us order everything in ten minutes so yeah..... You could say we went a little overboard.

Just a little overboard.

My favourite thing in the entire world. 

I hope all of you have been enjoying your week! All my love, s. 

November 12, 2013

Photo & caption update XXVIII

Face for work dinner at Alchemy 

Hello lovelies! I'm finally done with my first year of university and oooooh my gosh, I cannot be more relieved. In my almost one month break from blogging I managed to retain some part of my social life so here is a particularly lengthy update for you guys. I hope you all have a great week and good luck to those who still have exams. 

Celebrated my second anniversary with Jason at Sono Japanese Resturant in the city.

The food was no where as nice as I expected it to be but nonetheless the service was great and I loved the sushi and gyoza.

New San Churro that opened in the city two months ago yayay!

Tried a chocolate covered macaron for the first time with a rocky road sundae.

Gifts for Jason!

On the way to dinner.

My Pho Bar for dinner. 

Gorgeous little baby. 

Went to eat with Alice while she had her lunch break.

Finally gave in and bought this DIY food box thing before instantly regretting it the moment I tried it HAHA It was so strange but oh well, at least I know now..

Woke up at 5am to send Jun off at the airport :( See you in two years.

Photos from Wonderland came out so I thought I'd share one!

Bingsu from Passion Tree

Decked out Jason with magnetic jewellery.

Got free chocolate milk at uni which tasted really bad.

Jason came to visit me at UQ.

Made some custom makeup bags from artscow. 

More dinner at My Pho Bar.

Tried one of their mocktails and loved it!

Late birthday present from Alice ahhhh!!! I am absolutely in love with this palette. I've been using the Naked 2 palette for almost a year now and it honestly doesn't even compare to the colour payoff of the Lorac one. 

View from dinner at Alchemy.

Secret santa gifts from one of my coworkers!! (yes, we had a 1.5 month early Christmas dinner)

Adorable little cut out boots from Dotti.

Lunch at Teppanyaki lovers with Alice. Our katsudon smelled like fish... 

Ordered some combat boots from the iconic even though Summer is coming closer.

Dinner and dessert at Madtongsan III / Sakuraya.

Regular lunches at Red Room.

Pop top chocolate milk.

Mini cupcakes from the farmer's market.

Mouch family! 

Sam took Sandra, Alice and I to Kotobuki after our accounting exam and AHHHH I LOVE THIS PLACE.

Sunrise before one of my final exams.

xo, s.