September 28, 2012

Kids don't like me

Good evening lovelies! First things first, I hope all of you noticed the new layout and that most of you like the fresh change. I've still got a couple of things to go through here and there so hopefully it'll be completed by the end of the week!

I went on a cute little date with Melisa today and I'm pretty sure I gained a couple of kilograms oh gosh. We had brunch at a huge but empty place called Mud Dessert Bar and drowned in a dessert called Death Row (very appropriate). I can't remember the description completely but off the top of my head it had brulee, ganache, cheesecake, chocolate tequila, fairy floss, ice cream and cookies! The dessert tasted so rich and I had no idea how to react to the huge mix of flavours. I kind of just sat there thinking 'wow... what.... whoa...'

When you're ready to order, you get the waiter's attention by moving the flag up!!

So yeah, we obliterated that in half an hour before moving onto our next stop: La Quinta!

After loading up on heaps of buffalo wings we took a ferry to New Farm Park. On the way we stared and practically drooled over all of the amazing houses against the river. There was one particular house that looked so much look a Barbie toy mansion it was insane. It was a tall, gigantic, pastel pink house with huge white pillars *O* Definitely going to be Salina's future house.

She got stuck in the net and couldn't move so she just stood there helplessly watching kids climb around her.

Forever entertained by playgrounds. If all goes according to plan I should be going back there some time next week for a huge group picnic! Hope all of you are well and that you have an amazing weekend. xoxo.

September 26, 2012

Must have done something right

Black floppy hat from Dotti, necklace from Colette, Mink Pink denim crop from City Beach, skinny belt from Supre, tulle skirt from Ally, bag from Sportsgirl, combat boots from Famous Footwear.

Note: most of the photos from today were taken by Jason. I'm pretty sure you'll be able to tell which ones.

I decided that Jason needed to go take some more photos so we took a trip up to Mt. Coot-tha Botanical Gardens to hunt some birds and bugs. Oh, and I know that I've already posted this on Twitter but for those of you who haven't seen it yet I. SAW. FOUR. COCKATOOS. WJDOPAJDISHDIOSHIOD. I was so happy and that pretty much made my entire week. I've been in love with cockatoos in general ever since I saw the umbrella cockatoo in this video:

How adorable right!? Okay yeah anyway, the rest of the day was spent eating chicken and vegetable pies and attempting to feed a heap of different animals bread. Jason threw a small piece of bread towards the cockatoos and they got spooked and flew a couple of metres away :(

Watching my babies 


Jason and I flipped because we thought this was real for a second

Salina flowers

Sandra the duck

This lizard was absolutely fearless. It kept coming closer and closer to us as we ate and Jason eventually had to scare it away because I was worried it'd jump onto me asdhioasdhas

Hope all of you are well and gorgeous! xoxo.

September 25, 2012

Do you like love?

I went to watch Bourne Legacy with Jun, KP and Adrienne before Linda's 17th birthday celebration. I'm not sure why but I actually quite liked Bourne Legacy despite all the bad reviews I heard prior to seeing it! The last quarter of it was spent oogling over Larx #3 because I thought he looked like a badass version of Paul Kim. So yeah, end review: story line wasn't great but it had good action value.

After the movie, Adrienne and I made our way to Bamboo Basket for dinner with everybody. The night was basically filled with karaoke, food and photos so here they are!

Sequin top (actually a dress) from Dotti, skirt from Supre, black and gold cuff from Colette, Alice from Taiwan.

Hope all of you are well and having a great week!! 

September 23, 2012

BGS formal pre

Hi guys! I had the pleasure of playing amateur makeup artist, hairdresser and photographer for Melisa at the BGS formal last Friday and I'm happy to say that I'm actually really proud of myself.

Her hair took about two hours and probably had about 30 bobby pins in it to make sure that it didn't come loose. I actually have no clue what else to say about the formal pre apart from the fact that it was so well put together and that everybody looked gorgeous as always so I'll just leave you with some of the photos I took from the event. Hope all of you are well and that you enjoy the last hour of your weekend! xoxo.

Oh and by the way, I watched Bait today and it was one of the worst movies I've ever seen in my life. Sandra and I spent the """"suspenseful"""" moments humming the theme song from Jaws... Definitely recommend if you're bored and looking for something to laugh at. 

Ps/ if you're interested in Jason's photos then click here or his little box on my sidebar to see his new blog ♥ Obviously I inspired his link.

September 17, 2012

Stay up late

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Hi lovelies. I had the most unproductive weekend and I cannot even begin to explain how good it felt. I had brunch at The Crepe Cafe with the 2SAS girls before we went to go see The Watch. I'd definitely recommend it if you're craving some laughs just for the hell of it. After two hours of being cold in our seats and curling into balls to cover our eyes we went to Mado for dinner. The food was amaaazing but in comparison to Ahmets it was pretty disappointing. The portions were almost $10 more per plate and about half the size so er yeah... wouldn't plan eating there again unless I have at least $49 to spend on the banquet meals or something.

Adrienne and her new obsession with curling her hair

iPhone family

Dips for our turkish bread

Meat platters -drooling-

Cheese bread

Chocolate pudding for dessert

After dinner we walked around Southbank to see the Brisbane Festival and watch the light show. I couldn't really concentrate on it because I was standing half a metre away from a speaker and in the process of having my eardrums obliterated but nonetheless it was pretty to stare at from what I could make out. 

I think I might end the post here for tonight guys! Hope you're all well and that you have a lovely week ♥