June 22, 2010

Happy Birthday to Tiff and Nikki (^)

For the past couple of days I have realised that if I am constanly hungry now since I'm bored ._. I wonder how much weight I am going to gain these holidays ): ..

School is boring x100. I spent the Jap talking to Foonie. I spent maths with Yasmin and Justine. I spent BCT doing a random powerpoint with Linda. I spent English reading manga in the library by my self. UP YOURS SALINA, HOW DARE YOU LEAVE ME.

A small highlight of tomorrow though, I have a sex ed talk :D I hope they're as straight forward as the Mean Girl's one -sparkles-.

June 18, 2010

Hello :D !

After a long five or six days my computer is back and running! Luckily I still have most of my files although my programs are gone -shatters- I am now reduced to using eBuddy and Internet Explorer until I am uncapped.

School has been boring and worse than usual now that I really have no reason to pay attention in class! I guess my report card this semester isn't too bad. A's for English, math and BCT; B's for philosophy, biology and Japanese.

I went to debating at Churchie yesterday to watch the BSHS team (Linda, Yasmin, Foonie). They won by four points (I think). Adrii and I went on a wonderful adventure. Linda gave us a map and directions on how to get there. We bussed it from cultural and got off at the busstop we were meant to. We were walking around for maybe half an hour or more trying to find where to go. When we got to the school (which is goddamn massive) we got lost and needed directions.
We saw this guy walk into this room so we followed and when we got to the door we heard:
Adrii made me knock on the door and it was actually a boys dormitory -_- After asking for directions and continuing to walk into the light we finally found where we were meant to be. I felt accomplished 8) LOL
OKAY, no more blabbering from me 8) Have a wonderful weekend.
The hat I'm wearing looks like it says S. Nina :D

God, posting this reminded me why I hate internet explorer so much ==

June 11, 2010

Just redid my nails nice and simply with a bling piece on each nail. Good God, Winter is making my hands look old :(

Out with Khang, Alice and Sandra tomorrow. YAYAYA SHREK 4!
Dear you,
If you're bored and you need something to do, this site is for you.
Most of the stuff on the site is so trippy! If you don't know how to get started, when you click the link there are four columns of links, all of those excluding the first two are games you can play! So yeah enjoy :) For some of the games you need a microphone to play so :x !

I thought this game was really trippy. It's called imagination. All you do is move your mouse around and then it makes really cool patterns and all for example here.

Colours change to accommodate for short attention spans :D

June 9, 2010

The clouds looked really awesome today. As Adrii said, "It's like an ocean in the sky. 8)"

I went to a business excursion at UQ. Was pretty good I guess. We got free food and listened to interesting lectures. I don't really know what to type about this day since it was yesterday and my memory doesn't seem to be working today :L Here are photos to make up for it.

This was the main thing I couldn't get over during the day:

Ahem, continuing on...

At the end of that day, Khang and I went to SLQ to study for our map exams (which I had and pretty much asian failed today.) & there were these really cute mario mountain looking things I decided I wanted a photo with. Khang can't take photos, his hands shake :o

p.s I just saw this and imagined that Justine would wear this to semi-formal.

June 7, 2010

5th June - 7th June
Collaboration of bad quality photos :D

LOL.. I sparkle.

June 5, 2010

Arrived at Cultural at about 10 and then went to SLQ with Linda and Phuong. Studied from 10 - 1.30 for the maths test I have on Wednesday and Friday (Y) Another two hours of tutor with Mai tomorrow. Okay I really don't have much to say so I'll just finish the post here.