July 31, 2011


Thanks to Jenny for getting the cake (designed by yours truly) as a present ♥

Khang and I had our 16th birthday party/dinner last night! I think it turned out pretty well but I kind of regret not planning it a little better. We went to dinner at Obsession the food was amazing! We had chilli lamb, pork and eggplant hotpot, sweet and sour pork, crispy skin chicken, singapore noodles and chow mien.

After dinner we went to go cut the cake, take photos and play tiggy at a park. I had to ask these really nice people at a pizza place agreed to cut up my birthday cookie for me because I forgot to bring a knife oops. By the way, I love Sophia so much for getting me the fur cape I'm wearing in this post. I was so entertained with it because every time I knelt down, I looked like a mushroom.

Some of the girls left because they had to get home early so the rest of us went to the city to play pool and karaoke. I spent most of pool taking photos with everyone after sinking the white ball three times in a row, boo. Adrii spent her time photo bombing 80% of the photos and drawing a chalk monobrow on Michael until she got bored.

Karaoke was so fun that my cheeks ended up sore from a straight hour of laughing. Brian rapped amazingly well in Korean, Micheal and Adrii fought over the mic, Ly and Mel sang for the first time in their lives to people and Ben danced to SNSD.

Thanks again to everyone who came and made it such a lovely night for Khang and I. We hope everyone has a great week ♥

By the way, my seamonkeys have started growing! I think there's about 20 or so!!

July 25, 2011

Sweet 16th

Thank you to all of the lovely people who've made my day so enjoyable! This birthday has been one of the best and I love every single one of you for condensing a month's worth of happiness into a single day.

A big shout out to Sophia, Sandra, Alice, Adrii, Linda, Jinwook, Ben, Simon, Mikaela, Joy, Tina and Carolyn for being amazingly sweet and getting me the best presents. I got some sea monkeys to entertain myself HA! I'm still waiting for the water purifier so it's not really going anywhere yet but you guys will probably be able to track a lot about my sea monkeys on iphly over the upcoming weeks :3

I hope you all have a wonderful week! ♥

July 22, 2011

Crave you

I'm in such a good mood today :3

On Wednesday I went on an excursion with all of the art students in my grade to Sandgate and Shorncliffe to do some landscape documentation for our next portfolio. The weather there was so damn annoying. It was pretty much constant wind blowing six hours straight and by the end of it, my hair was a massive knot. Most of the photos I took turned out horribly but I'll include a few in this post since I hate posting without photos. I'm so screwed for this unit because I can't draw landscapes to life so.. I'm just gonna do really "abstract" pieces until my teacher tells me to do something a little more realistic - do not want.

My art teacher found a dead shark that was washed up on the shore when we were at Sandgate. Instead of just leaving it alone, she decided to pick it up and turn it into an artwork.

In other news!!!! I've been really excited for my 16th birthday :D Khang and I are planning to have a conjoined birthday dinner towards the end of next week at Obsession. I hope everyone's well and that you all have a lovely weekend ♥

July 15, 2011

Dream bigger

Hi guys! I'd like to start off by apologising for breaking my blog-at-least-every-three-days promise so early on but yeah, the end of my holidays kind of crumbled into nothing. The first week back at school's been better than I anticipated apart from report cards being sent home. I thought I would've done better but I'm happy, I guess.

Today was my legal studies excursion at Dreamworld which was super fun. I managed to force myself to go on The Claw, Wipeout and Cyclone /proud. Amusement parks are so much better now that I'm older. In primary school, it'd pretty much just be me paying $50+ to have Melisa call me a chicken 20 million times before giving up and leaving me to watch her from afar.

By the way, I gave up with my fringe after about half an hour of battling with the wind so excuse my face in some of today's photos.

The Claw was probably the worst thing I went on today. Everytime you get swung up there's the horrible second where you just hang there until you fall back down. It made my stomach turn so badly asdafkjhksd. Adrii and Alice were so pumped for the day and after The Claw, all of their adrenaline cravings disappeared :(

We went onto some water raft rides after and it was so ridiculously annoying. The rides weren't even scary and the only reason we were screaming was because none of us wanted to get wet (hence the photo at the top of the post).

The day ended so quickly and we all left to wait for our buses. Ben was entertaining all of us with some card tricks.. that didn't really work out. I'll probably try to upload a video soon if I have time. I hope everyone's well and has a lovely weekend ♥

By the way, I saw some lions today. THEY'RE SO DAMN COOL even if they're sleeping.

And Julia has a new video out so go give her lurve.

July 1, 2011


Hi guys! This post is for you to meet Sandra if you haven't already. This is Sandra on a bridge raising her eyebrow whilst contemplating how to pose.

This is Sandra in a tree that she took ages to get into and out of.

This is Sandra trying to see what it'd be like if she was drunk by playing on a spinny thing at a new park we found.

This is Sandra standing infront of a tree with her new knit top which is way to big for her

Plans for tonight include The Hangover I; The Hangover II; instant noodles with egg and cheese; popcorn; romantically rolling together in bed and multiple cans of pepsi. Hope everyone's having a great holiday! ♥