October 16, 2013

Photo & caption update XXVII

Finally received this gorgeous clutch I ordered online!!!!

Hello hello. I know I said that I was going to be gone for a while but my new laptop just arrived yesterday and I haven't got any assessment due for a week or so :) Not much has happened recently but I've managed to make some slight progress on my project which I mentioned a couple of months back! Hopefully it'll be up and running smoothly by mid December if I work really hard.

More photos from UQBA Bizball with Grace!

White chocolate drinks from Passion Tree and some sushi Jason dropped off.

Face of the day for work before all of my make up got wiped off by my mask.

How adorable are these pen holders!? I really wanted them for my make up brushes but they're too small :(

One of my dentists shouted Korean BBQ buffet at Hanwoori yummmy.

My gorgeous little baby had his tail ruined by another bird.

Ordered more make up brushes off iherb! Absolutely love the ecotools buffing brush. | Sarah's and Alice's $10 value meal

Some more online packages! How awesome is the automatic lens cap?

HP FOLIO 13 YAAAAAY I missed you so much.

Finally had brunch at Pour Boy Espresso with Alice.

This is what ends up happening every time when I try to take a photo of Bobbi using my phone.

Another face of the day! Excuse my disgusting t-zone. I recently started using a new primer and it can't handle oily skin very well unfortunately.. 

xo, s.

October 9, 2013

Photo & caption update XXVI

Hi lovelies. This post is probably going to be the last until I finish my exams on November the 13th. I know it's a bit of a hiatus but I promise I'll be back with heaps of interesting things. 

Anyway, onto a bit of me-growing-up news. I went out clubbing for the first time ever! I've been deciding whether to post this up or not but then I figured, why not? This blog is a documentation of my life and I'm sure most of you have been here long enough to respect the decisions I make in life - whether you agree with them or not :) If any minors are wondering what it's like, it's literally everything you expect. You've got about half a metre squared of space to yourself at all times and it's like the club purposely installs crappy ventilation so everybody rubs up against your sweat. One thing that really surprised me was how casually people were dressed. I went to a Wonderland event which has been described as one of the classiest clubs in Brisbane and the moment I walked in I saw a girl wearing denim shorts and a t-shirt. Needless to say I felt incredibly overdressed. Despite all of this I managed to have a really fun night since so many people were there! 

Brunch at Red Room with Alice.

Lemon lime and bitters.

Brunch with Alice at Shingle Inn.

Selfie before the eyebrow threading lady made my eyebrows super skinny.

Catch-up breakfast with BSHS boys before the business ball at Spoon.

Yummiest apple crumble ever.

Jason took me to the Rocklea Markets for the first time ever.

Came across the seller Jason bought Bobbi from.

More lunch at Red Room with Alice and Grace.

Finally reunited with my favourite snack.

Indooroopilly with Adrii and Jason.

Where Bobbi chills when I get ready in the morning. I was talking to Hayley the other day about my bird and no joke, she thought he was 30cm tall.

Before Angela's and Cloudland. Dress from Ally!

Bought Marc Jacob studs for my cousin and I! Love love love.

Finally went to French Twist after seeing everybody's instagram photos.

The ice tea with seasonal fruit definitely didn't let me down! To die for mmmm.

Gigantic delicious macarons.

Dinner at Hog's Breath to finish the night.

xo, s.