October 29, 2010

I am currently on an Angela Anaconda marathon thanks to Adrii reviving my love for it :3

I've been waiting this entire week for Bandanna Day just so I could tie everyone's bandannas into massive bows and stick them onto their heads LOL. All of the people I put a bow on today suited it so well! I'm going to apologise in advance for the different quality in all of these photos because I scabbed them from about four people n_n There are quite a few gross one here :s Oh well LOL, for the memories!

I learnt to make the bows from Cheeserland.com! Click here for the tutorial.

Khang the pretty girl and Pong the pretty boy

Wowwwww, we look like those girls in Japan who wear the massive bows on top of their head on a daily basis hahaha.

I ♥ the gif of me and Dora :D I'm handing out resumes in hope of getting a job tomorrow TT Wish me luck.

October 28, 2010

This post is just an update on my BOM assignment. For those of you who don't know, my assignment was to create a product as a group and to be able to advertise it at the trade fair. The trade fair is a where the two BOM classes of the semester get together and steal a section of the school for half the day to present all of their work :D If you don't get it then dw, I'll be blogging about it next Thursday!

Linda, Mikaela and I have already finished all of our posters, name tags, brochures etc and a week from now we'll be presenting it along with everyone else!! I'm so excited 8D

My group's product is basically a swiss army knife, but instead of all the knives, there are makeup products to replace them. We named it Mylara and YESSSS I know it sounds like malaria so don't point it out please TT Here's a sneak peak of some of the stuff that's been finished.

Packaging!! You guys have no idea how tedious and time consuming these little boxes were -_-

Business cards, brochure and poster.

Okay this last part is just for the people who read my blog and go to my school. This year, the teachers have decided to make the trade fair a competition so if you guys happen to be on the upper campus of school, please come during lunch time and look for Mylara's area to vote for us :D

October 24, 2010

I went to a family party last night and it was alright I guess :3 It's amusing for me because the guy who invited my family is also my doctor/gp; So I get to see him as a professional and when he's drunk LOL.

For the first half of the party the usual cousins and I were just eating and laughing out heads off over random stuff before we realised that the we were being louder then the adults. Two hours later that switched as we went into the kids toy room and they cranked up the Vietnamese karaoke >:

Tony spent the night farting on everyone and showing how his ass is double jointed. He can tense only one asscheek at a time wtf? LOL It was like really buff pecks on his ass. Okay here are some photos.

Tony trying on my sisters boot LOL

I really like these photos. The room we were in made them look pretty awesome.

October 20, 2010

The other day I was talking about my digital art project in one of my posts and I finally decided what I'm going to do thanks to some inspiration from Vogue. I've decided that I'll collect a bunch of fashion shots and that I'll use a graphic tablet to draw over body parts that aren't covered by clothing and leave the actual clothing from the photo.

What I'm having a problem with now is how to present my work. I came up with two ideas and even made mock-ups so I could see what it might come out as when I actually make it :) Here they are. Just click on them to see them in more detail. If some of you didn't get what I meant by the stuff in the first paragraph, it's the girl (aka subject) in the photos below :)

Feel free to give me feedback and tell me which one you like more :) Hmm.. maybe I'll have enough time to make both.

October 18, 2010

Cry cry cry, school tomorrow. I went to Chermside with Adrii, Lice, Dora, Nina and the boyfran today. I was so physced to finally go shopping properly for the first time in months and was disappointed --" All I ended up getting was a $10 crop tee and a floral broach. We didn't even have time to go back to Southbank for Max Brenner T_T.

Adrii came home with me in the afternoon and we attempted to record something but ended up just laughing out heads off or just staring at the camera LOL. Ahem, anyway the photos from today!

She got some naice ass LOL.

October 16, 2010

What up! It's finally the long weekend B) I finally got time to try the new lashes that I bought with Linda from eBay that arrived on Tuesday. They were so cheap so we couldn't really help ourselves. $1 for 10 pairs HAHA :D The lashes are amazingly long and thick yet they're not even heavy. I took some photos and yeahhh, edited the lighting as well since I thought it looked nicer.

Oh and some good news, after two hours of looking for the driver to install my webcam it works! So... in celebration I made an introduction video. Anyway yeah, I'll leave today's post at that. Max Brenner and Chermside on Monday yew!

October 14, 2010

I thought I should post something short to get rid of the wetnwild post that seems to be chewing up a lot of loading time for my blog. First up a photo for the anon who asked for a photo of me with my hair up. As a bonus, Alice is in it too :D

Oh and here's my art homework. It's pretty simple but I thought it turned out pretty nicely once I took a photo and edited the colours.

To be honest I'm not enjoying digital art as much as I thought I would. Ah well, might as well share what I'm working on this semester since I need some help.

In digital art I have to make a piece of art and there's basically no boundaries. I can paint, make a sculpture, use ceramics etc. The only two rules is that it has to be related to the concept of journey, and that it has to have something digital in it.

Please leave me some suggestions in my comments or formspring and help me out.

October 11, 2010

My family and I went to Shangrila for Lisa's 18th birthday dinner last night. The food there is so nice but my table had to wait ages for it. When a plate came out, it was empty two minutes later LOL. We went through more than four jugs of coke, half a jug of orange juice and about 5 plates of food :D I don't wanna type much because there's a fair bunch of photos to see~ By the way, all the photos are different heights because I just thought it'd save space.


Jessie on the left, Sarah on the right. I swear my hair isn't this light ><

October 9, 2010

Adrii wanted me to waste blog space for her because she would like you to ask her questions.

By the way, since this blog post is useless as it is I would like to continue it LOL. Last night I was skimming through old anime and remembered how some characters would have animal ears. It then occurred to me that animal ears make everything a hell of a lot cuter :D

She's got her daddy's ears :3

I just did this because I really wanted to see if animal ears did make everything cuter LOL. Leave opinions in comments? ;)

AWWWWWWW Dora the fox >: This reminds me of the girl from Chobits.

October 7, 2010

So today while I wasn't paying attention in one of my classes, I was thinking about one of the really nice skirts I saw in a store the other day. The skirt was basically a lace tiered thing but I didn't get it because I was too stingy --" But luckily when I got home, I realized I could make one myself by simply just slicing some length off something I bought online a few months ago :D

I bought it in the first batch of clothing from asia-fashion-wholesale.com Looking back I have no idea what made it appeal to me but oh well, put to good use now :) It was less than $10 so it doesn't really matter. Oh, it's meant to be a dress by the way.

This looks ridiculous LOL.

After the snip snip. I reckon it looks a lot nicer :3

End result with accessories (: So yeahhhh, there's something you can do with clothing you regret buying because of impulse or something related. Nice and simple! Bubye.