December 18, 2014

#BLOGMAS: Travel Diaries - Sydney: Day 01

Back to usual programming. I've put together three collections of huge photo diaries for you guys to recap my short trip in Sydney. Alice, Sandra and I arrived in Sydney just an hour after the siege began and took caution for the rest of the day while being continuously messaged by friends and family back at home. We spent most of the afternoon and night in our apartment hoping that the situation would be resolved peacefully and like everybody else who heard about the event, send out our love to all those affected. 

Hello from a confused taxi driver asking what the fish eye lens attachment on my phone as. By the way for anybody reading and interested in travelling to Sydney, I'd definitely recommend that you take an Uber as your mode of transportation from the airport. We hailed a normal taxi from the airport which cost over $60 to get to our apartment. When it was time to fly back to Brisbane we requested an Uber which only cost $21 and took muchhhh less time since the driver used all the back streets instead of toll roads. 

 First stop of the day: Ippudo! 

 Lemon lime bitters.

Tori shoyu ramen. Tasted as good as it looked and smelled *melts*.

Happy Lab. 

Wearing Amelia from the Stila colour balm lipstick range. 

 Watched cartoons by myself while Alice and Sandra took an afternoon nap. 

 Had an early dinner at Pepper Lunch. 

 Requested an Uber to try out Cow and The Moon. Really loved the store vibe and flavours! 

 Took a walk from Newtown back to our apartment and found the most adorable giraffe tea stack which I convinced myself that I didn't need :( 

 Bought some new earrings. 


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