December 9, 2014

#BLOGMAS: Things that happened this year pt. 2 April - June

*May and June are pretty bland because of exam periods*

April 1 - Watched the How I Met Your Mother finale and was thoroughly disappointed.

April 11 - Had my interview to become an ASOS ambassador and had brunch by myself afterwards because I thought I did so terribly.

April 13 - TYGA TOUCHED MAH HAND *deep breaths*

April 15 - Got hired as an ASOS ambassador.

April 19 - Flew off to Cairns for a five day trip!

April 20 - Saw the most beautiful places ever on an all day tour.

April 21 - Went snorkeling for the first time and almost died from sea sickness.

May 2 - Had high tea at Passion Tree Velvet for the first time.

May 5 - Received my Nume!

May 12 - Had my little blurb thing uploaded onto the ASOS student page (which no longer exists wah).
June 2 - Jetstar sent me a free Mimco bracelet after I tagged them in a location on an Instagram photo. 

June 26 - Had my last exam for semester 1. 

June 30 - put soy sauce into my lunch instead of BBQ sauce because I was so stressed.


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