December 29, 2010

Looking back

Did you guys notice that there's actually a title on this post? LOL. So as you guys can see I finally changed my blog layout. As always though, something about it makes me tilt my head so it's probably gonna get changed again soon. I have a feeling that it's the post column being too thin in comparison to the side bar. Suggestions and feedback welcome~

Though this is a day early, I'm gonna reflect on 2010 like a typical teenage blog. However, because I have trouble stringing all my ideas into proper sentences, I'll just pull out a bunch of random photos and type about them~

LOL not much to say about this photo. It was from the recent sleepover with Adrii and Sandra.

This photo was from the Ghost World exhibition at GOMA. This year, GOMA has really played a huge part in my inspiration I love how art there is so contemporary and interactive. It reminds me how art doesn't just have to be traditional paintings or drawings.

Alice's birthday party! The tree was so hilarious. Everyone spent ages chucking streamers into the tree only to leave it later because the wind was blowing branches and leaves everywhere.

Part of my Valentines day gift to Khang! I decorated a photo album and filled it with 60 photos that each had a note/memory/drawing on the back of it.


I met my favourite little baby Brian this year :3

I remember gasping for air when I saw this. A bunch of the business students from my school went to an event and UQ and somehow they screwed up Adrii's name tag. Hence she is now known as Adrian Trab in our group.

I just wanted to include this picture because I found it hilarious

And finally, the wire names I made for the beautiful people who wanted one :) I felt really happy making these, knowing that it'd make someone smile. They should've all arrived by now!

Hmm, so there's my little recap for the year. Overall it was really nice although it flew by so quickly. I hope everyone has a fabulous new year and good luck to all the people heading out to Southbank tomorrow to countdown ♥ Thanks for reading!

December 28, 2010

Hihihi I'm back. The past four days at the coast with Melisa and her family were great apart from the fact that it rained everyday ._."

Day one: Christmas
Melisa and her parents picked me up at 1 or so and we went to Jupiters! The hotel was really nice and flashy :3 Everywhere I turned there was something shiny.

At the lobby checking in!

Welcome treats! Melisa and I saw these in one of the hotel restaurants later on and saw that just one of the strawberries cost $1.50. Everything is ridiculously expensive --" They sold a bottle of water for $8.00

We got bored and roamed Surfers Paradise for a while~


After Surfers we went back to the hotel and got ready for the seafood buffet. I'm not a big fan of seafood so I spent the night trying five or six different types of meat ._." The desserts there were amazing though! They had everything from creme brulee to adorable little mousse containers.

Day one's sleep was horribleeeeeeee TT Melisa's dad snores like no other. At three in the morning it was completely silent and then out of no where KABOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day two: boxing day
We went shopping at Pacific Fair which was just a few meters away from Jupiters. It was one of the most frustrating days of my life. The rain made everyone walk undercover so it was really goddamn crowded. I didn't even end up finding any satisfying bargains.

In the end I bought my semi dress for June (shut up I know it's ages away but I'm paranoid about someone having the same dress as me TT), Adrii's Christmas present and some stuff from typo.

Day three
The rain on this day was the worst. Melisa and I went to Surfers Paradise alone in heavy rain carrying around a massive umbrella. We ate breakfast at a Korean restaurant and the waitress wanted to make sure that I knew I was ordering something off the kids menu LOL

Isn't it cute? :D

After that we went to Infinity. I was actually pretty excited because I thought I'd be amazed and feel high all through out it. Some of it was actually really creepy~ One section of it was really dark and had heaps of wierd sticky things hanging from the ceiling which made both of us scream so much we ran to catch up to the strangers in front of us so we felt safe ._.

When we came out it was raining really heavily so we just chilled in Starbucks until we went home. Staying in there makes me feel like a celebrity~

Yay! After when we got back to the hotel, we saw brief moment of sunlight. To celebrate we went down to the hotel pool. Ok, I'm going to stop typing here. Take care everyone ♥

ps/ wowowow 2011 is almost here.

December 24, 2010

Someone please tell me what movie the picture above came from. It's so cute. Merry Christmas everybody! I know it's a few hours early but yeah.. I hope everyone's wishes come true :)

I'll be going to the Gold Coast with Melisa and her family for the next four days so when I get back I'm sure I'll have plenty of to blog about. Until then take care!

December 23, 2010

Hi guys. Sorry I haven't been updating much but nothing's really been happening. I took this photo of Adrii which pretty much sums up my entire day:

My family went Christmas shopping today at Chermside and it was pretty annoying tbh. People walking slowly everywhere made my sister and I rage. The fact that some curtains in dressing rooms didn't shut completely made me paranoid and I couldn't find a blazer --"

I ended up getting two tops, two bandeau thingos, a belt, shorts and crackle BYS nail polish for Evelyn.

December 20, 2010

While I was taking that photo ^ I was paying too much attention to my camera and suddenly all these flies flew up into my face - -" I looked down and there was a dead bird about 30cm away from my feet. aksdaskj horrible way to start my morning.

Today I bussed to Melisa's stop and she picked me up to take me to her house. The walk to her place was so tiring because it was so hottttttt. When we got there we started baking brownies and cupcakes. I was actually quite proud of the stuff we made :3 Our brownie was really thin because the baking pan we had was too big so the batter just spread itself LOL

Looks pretty good yes? ;3

Akjsdflsj. How pretty is she? She's like a china doll with perfect ebony hair, pale skin and pink cheeks :3

Inside joke teehee~

December 17, 2010

Hihi. This morning Adrii came over to my house at 12 while I was still sleeping. She just ignored me and stayed on her laptop until I had the will to get out of bed LOL. She also decided to be a lovely girl and get me the maxi dress that I had my eye on for a while as an early Christmas present :) Actually no, she decided to piss me off first by making me believe that she got the dress for herself.

She wanted to practice her photography so we went up my street to take photos. I haven't actually walked up my hill in such a long time so it was pretty nostalgic :3 It's actually changed quite a bit from when I was 10 years old. At the top there's a big grassy area which is pretty much a dream come true for me since I've always wanted to take photos in an area like that teehee n_n Okay, here are some of the photos.

Check my Flickr account later tonight or tomorrow to see if I've uploaded anymore photos if you like.

December 14, 2010

*POST EDIT* Thank you to the wonderful 15 people who submitted their names for this post. Your names should now all appear in the sidebar!
A gift from me to you.

Hi guys! So.. about a month ago while I was in art class, I came across these long pieces of wire which nobody was using. Since I already finished my work, I started making them into names for my friends. Now these wire names weren't anything great. They're really malleable and you can't really use them for much but my friends really liked them I thought some of you guys, my readers, would too :) Think of it as a thank you gift for reading and leaving me so many kind messages that make my day!

I managed to get about 15 pieces of wire but sometimes I screw up and have to use another so it's first in first served. Hopefully I'll be able to make a full 15 names (if that many people even reply to this post).

If you guys would like one of these then please copy and paste this short form into my comment section and fill it out. I won't publish it! (obviously)

Full name:
What name you'd like me to make:

Once your comment has been received then your name will appear on the sidebar under the Nuffnang box. There are two restrictions though.
  • This is only for my readers in Australia.
  • Please try to shorten your name to or less than six letters.
I'll probably try to send them out by the end of next week so that people get them around Christmas. Thanks again for reading and please reply to this post! ♥

December 12, 2010

I should really start posting earlier LOL.

I went to Jessie's place for her sweet 16th birthday today. I was at her place for eight hours and it went by so quickly. I didn't know most of her friends so I kinda just chilled with a few of my family members + Khang for a while. The first three hours of the party consisted of:
  • Eating her Mum's delicious hot pot.
  • Tony trying to connect to the internet so he could play Maplestory.
  • Playing this dinosaur game on ps2 and swearing at each other.
  • Cutting the cookie cake.
  • Kevin seducing Khang every two minutes to prove to me that they had some sort of chemistry.
After that, the next five hours consisted of:
  • Dota and Maplestory.
  • Myself hogging the ps2 to play Guitar Hero.
  • Rowing a boat with Jenny.