October 26, 2015

Photo & caption update LXIII

That one morning where I spent 20 minutes on my eyeliner. 

Hello friends! I've been a really boring weekend filled with work, assignments, then more work but it's finally wrapped up (and spoiled myself with a new bag). I've got three shifts left at Kiehl's starting from today and I can't be more excited to start off at Chanel. Thank you so much for everybody's kind support and love - I honestly cannot believe how lucky I got with this job opportunity and it's still a huge shock to me. I've tried to fill up this post with some good stuff for you guys so hopefully you enjoy it! 

 Bumped into Danielle and Annah at Lust with my luh in the back.

 Mundo for Harry's birthday! 

All you can eat char grilled meats UGH my favourite thing of the night was actually the crumbed banana *melts away*. 

 Long time no dessert, Passion Tree. 

Group dinners at New Shanghai. My fav is the pan fried pork buns! 

 Best $2.50 spent ever. 

 Lunch at Seoul Bistro. 

Told Simon I was going to uni and he woke up to put together a care package that I devoured in the first 2 hours of studying. 

 Car selfies waiting for Adrii to waddle out of her house. 

 15 minute face. 

 Dinner with the marketing team at Damien's restaurant. 

Because these two got really upset that they weren't on my blog. 

 The meal I was eating when Chanel called me! 

 Good morning! 

Dinner at Wagaya with the Huang sisters. 

 KABOOM - hello stock. 

 Typical tea dates with my favs. 

The matcha one is my fav! 

 Takeaway chicken from Seoul Bistro and hot chocolate.

 Alice and I got new illuminators! 

We ended up having a really inconvenient accident one morning before I had work that damaged both of our cars and since Simon's car was a bit older he decided to give DIY spraying a go. 

 Finally got 6 items for the MAC recycle program and got the lipstick Honey Love.

 More typical tea chills at Cha Tea. 

Had dessert for the first time at South Side Bistro and was very pleased :) Really good place for creme brulee btw for everybody asking!!

 Deliciousness of takeaway Char Kee at 1am. 

 Brunch with Aijia, Adrii and Alice at Pablo. 

Finishing off this post with the most beautiful girl before the UQBA ball! 

I hope all of you have a fantastic week ahead! All my love, s. 

October 6, 2015

Photo & caption update LXII

Hello hello! Usually when I leave you guys for a fortnight or so I end up having a tonne of content to share but I guess I've had a pretty quiet month. Heading back into uni, I can't believe that this is my second last semester :( Fingers crossed for some good results with a last push for the final few weeks. I hope everybody is well and that the guys in Brisbane aren't being baked to death by how hot it's recently gotten. 

Tried a new hair salon called Chroma for a cut and colour! Got my hair dyed a light ash blonde.

BRB DYING. Still cannot believe I got to meet this beautiful creature :'( 

Top from Temt, skirt from Ally, flats from Cotton On, pouch gifted by Queen Alice. 

Top from Bardot and my face mask haul. I've been OBSESSED with these Mediheal sheet masks that you can get from W Cosmetics. They're only $1.50 and my favourites are the cacao and acai. 

Set up some fresh visual merchandise for the new month! We've recently released a new daily facial oil and it smells super sweet.

Hello to my new baby iPhone 6s in rose gold. 

Lunch at Chompers.

Squad shopping trip to Chermside.

Gyg orders nom nom nom. 

Visited a tiny aquarium. 

Spent Labour day at Coolangatta with the girls from Taco Tuesdays. 

Talk really soon (hopefully), S.