February 25, 2012

Dear no one,

Hi lovelies! Hope all of you have been enjoying this refreshingly wet weather. It's kind of odd that I only realised this after half a term but my week days have pretty much come to sleeping, eating, school, watching the guys play handball every break and continually looking at my drafts as if they're magically going to fix themselves. Fun.

I think the most entertaining things that happened this week were 1. Alice getting really mad because someone who sat on the bridge above us got cheese in her hair and 2. Sandra getting rejected by Ly for a full 30 seconds while she stood with both of her arms up waiting for a high five.

Aaanyway, I went to SLQ as per usual on a Saturday and took some photos during a probably-too-long study break so here's a short photo splash.

Wearing Sandra's leopard print shawl she bought from Suitcase Rummage.

Statement necklaces from Colette and Lovisa.

New satchel from Rubi and old satchel from ASOS.

I don't really have much else to say since my brain doesn't really feel like doing anything tonight so I'll leave you guys with a charming photo of Alice and another lovely video from Juicy. Hope all of you are well and that you have a better tomorrow than I do ♥

February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

I spent Valentine's day with a bunch of friends at my last high school swimming carnival. To be honest it was pretty much a 6 hour lunch session. We had KFC, bottles of lemon tea, bags of chips and a billion bags of lollies.

I LOVE THIS YEAR'S PREFECTS SO MUCH. They're some of the most hard working yet playful people I've ever met and I know they'll be nothing less than amazing for the school this year. They've pretty much made our senior song When Love Takes Over - David Guetta ft. Kelly Rowland.

I ended up passing level 10 by the end of the day YAY!

Salina's gift to me with her cheesy letter!

Hope all of you had a lovely day ♥ I can't wait for my school's Valentines day celebrations yew.

February 8, 2012

Nov to present

Long time no talk lovelies! Since I haven't blogged in a while I decided that I'd just put together a haul of stuff that I've bought over the last three months. There's probably a couple of other things that I missed out on but oh well. Enjoy!

Paper bag maxi skirt in Latte from Supre

Varsity style cardigan from Cotton On Online, black skinny belt from Supre, light denim shorts from Dotti

Cream cape from Supre, button up satin shorts from Supre, round neck t shirt from Supre

Chiffon open arm top from Cotton On Online, statement necklace from Colette

Floral headband from Lovisa

Chiffon button up singlet from Supre, belt from Cotton On Online, tulle skirt from Ally

Black chiffon button up cape from eBay, pink skinny belt from eBay

Tribal print skirt from Supre, black cape from Supre, belt from Supre

Chiffon t-shirt from Supre, black circular hem skirt from Supre, belt from eBay

Peep toe pumps from Rubi, brogues from Rubi, wedges from eBay

AHHHH-MAZING spot treatment from Lush and Majolica Majorca mascara from Jason

Ring from Adrienne that she gave me for our four year anniversary

Thank you to everybody for being so patient with me and my blog. I wish I could blog a lot more but I'll apologise in advance for the future lack of posts anyway since I know I'll end up saying it later :'( I hope everyone's well and having a great week ♥