December 2, 2014

#BLOGMAS: 40% food 60% selfies

Dress from ASOS, shoes from eBay.

Day 2 and still going strong *phew*. Some of my favourite girls and I finally managed to all have a day off together and pull ourselves out of bed for high tea. I actually had my 19th birthday celebration here earlier this year but Grace and Alice were unable to attend because of some clashes. If you read the post from a few months ago you'd know that I absolutely looove Bacchus. They recently went through some renovations and made their bar area look even more amazing by moving around some of the decor, installing a roof and popping an LCD screen into the ceiling. Super keen to get there on one of the upcoming weekends to enjoy some tapas and a well deserved girls night. 

Once again, we went for the Quintessential high tea. I think one of the main reasons I love Bacchus is the price. The whole set including tea only costs $36 which is absolutely incredible considering the nearest high teas in the city start from the minimum of about $45!


We ended up finishing off the day by heading to Midam for some Korean food and then Pancake Manor for some dinner *obviously super productive*. I hope you're all well and making the most of your december :) S. 

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Ice Pandora said...

*drools* I love a good hightea!
The trays of food looking
great c; Xx