September 28, 2011

We found love

There were a few bumps here and there but the Gold Coast trip I planned with Chenny went pretty smoothly! We all met up in the morning at about 8.40 and after a few minutes of stressing about where everybody was, we all got on the train with no one left behind /massive achievement.

It was actually easier than to get to the beach than I expected. The only crappy thing was the time it took and the fact that I had to stand at the back of a full bus for half an hour listening to these girls about the same age as me talk about the most annoying stuff in the world. One second they'd be talking about somebody giving the birth and the next they'd be screaming their faces off to get the attention of somebody who was only half a metre away from them.

We finally got the beach at about 10.30 and the weather was pretty good. I went into the water with a couple of people for a while but we all ended up getting out really quickly since the wind picked up and gave us all runny noses zzz.

I spent the rest of the day just lying down on the sand and relaxing. It's been so long since I've been able to feel completely care free with some of the loveliest people I've met in my life. It's really nice :)

Leopard print bikini from Cotton On Body, thrifted white button up, washed denim shorts from Valleygirl, hat borrowed from a friend, gifted sunglasses.

Hope everyone's enjoying their week! ♥

September 24, 2011


Thrifted sheer maxi skirt, Cotton On belt, button up top from Dotti, bag from Dotti, wallet from Dotti, jewellery from Diva and Lovisa.

Thanks to Sandra for taking all of the photos today! I'm not really in the mood to type up chunks of text today so I'll just do things in dot points.

  • Went to Kerith Brook for brunch
  • Found out they were closed and walked to the Coffee Club instead
  • Experienced the best customer service from a lady who had the shiniest diamond ring
  • Walked around a million streets to find somewhere nice to take photos
  • Finally found a shady place and took some photos before giving up
  • Got lost
  • Found a bus stop next to an old restaurant I used to go to when I was little /nostalgic
  • Went home and rested for a while until we cooled down
  • Exercised for an hour

Sorry for the laziness today guys. Hope all of you are well and I'll promise to put a lot more effort into the next post! Have a good one ♥

September 18, 2011

Yasmin's 16th

Happy 16th Yasmin Trinh!

For her 16th she had this really fun idea for everyone to go as something which started with the first letter of their name. After a few days of deciding and costume hunting, I decided to go as superwoman!

A few of the girls and I went to brunch at West End again yesterday morning before her party. We went to a charming little place called Three Monkeys. I might've already blogged about this a few months ago but I can't remember for sure so I'll just give a quick rundown of the place. From a distance, it's a charming little block of area that looks like it can barely fit 20 people into it. But if you go inside, there's a huge hallway on the left of where you order and that's when your jaw drops from the space and eclectic architecture. If you guys go, you MUST get a piece of cake.

After brunch we went to the city for a few hours to entertain ourselves with karaoke until about three or so before we made our way to Yasmin's house. Most of the girls got there an hour before the party actually started to do hair and makeup and I have to admit that I did a pretty good job considering the fact that I was helping two or three girls at a time /proud. Here's two photos of my own hair and makeup!

I'm going to be lazy and throw in a heap of photos for the rest of this post. Most of the night was party games and dancing in Yasmin's living room since she had this amazing sound system.

We were playing spin the bottle truth or dare where on the first spin, the person gets to choose truth or dare and the second has to do the truth/dare with the first person. Alice and William had to bear hug for 30 seconds and wow, it was one of the most awkward things I'd seen in my life. Alice ended up running away after a few seconds because someone cracked a joke which I'm pretty sure she kicked them for.

This was another dare from the game where Foonie and Benson had to play out a first date scene. The scenario was that they were watching a scary movie together and ah, the number of people who screamed "GET IN THERE BENSON WOOO" made my cheeks hurt so badly.

Oh yeah, before I forgot, we also played hide and seek in and outside of Yasmin's house. We found most of the people so quickly but then Adrii, Ly and Jason were ridiculously hard to find. 15+ of us opened every single cupboard door, looked under every bush and even climbed onto the roof to check where they were. They ended up just appearing out of no where after 10 minutes. All I know now is that Ly was a cheapskate and locked himself inside a toilet so that no one could get inside anyway asdjkahsdlk.

Thanks so much to Yasmin and her parents for organising and throwing such a fun party!! I hope everyone's well and enjoying their holidays so far.

Contact lenses in this post: Super Nudy Blue

Superwoman costume: From eBay. If anyone's interested, I'm currently selling the costume I wore in this post along with an identical one I bought by accident. The only difference between the two is that the one I wore in this post was about $40 shipped from Australia and the one that I bought by accident was shipped from HK for about $20. Email me at if you're interested!

September 11, 2011

Long time no talk

Top from Ally. Blazer from Supre.

I've finally gotten all of my assignments and tests out of the way! Here's a bunch of stuff that's happened in the last few weeks.

1. I found some photos of the Queen Street Supre team that were taken a few months ago at a group meeting. I only see a handful of these people once or twice a week but we all get along so well and they make me laugh so much when they spontaneously dance around the store to make other co-workers laugh when they're serving customers.

2. My seamonkeys are going surprisingly well. There's three pairs of them mating at the moment but I haven't seen any babies yet!

3. I went to Riverfire with Melisa, Khang, Ly, Simon and a bunch of others.

The first five minutes of the fireworks were disappointing and then out of no where BAM lasers. They were probably the best part of the night. Everyone would flinch and cry out every few minutes because they'd get hit in the eye by one of the lights /amused.

4. Linda celebrated her 16th birthday last week. Adrii and I split to get her a gorgeous pair of peep toe boots that I really want to get for myself now.

5. Sophia took Sandra, Alice and I to the Kerith Brook Cafe for brunch and wow, it was possibly one of the cutest little places I'd ever eaten at. The owner was so nice and said hi and bye to every one of his customers /love. By the way, Sophia is the worst person to bus with into an area you haven't been to before. We were all relying on her to lead us to the place and she made the bus driver stop at THREE wrong stops until we got off.

Alice and I pretty much shopped for the rest of the day. I got a $10 pink summer dress and a $20 cropped leopard print blazer/jacket whilst witnessing Alice break down from seeing her savings drop down to two digits. I went with a bunch of people to Moon Fest at night as well but there's not really much to say about it apart from that Linda can sprint in 13cm heels and that it was so asdhasjkdhing cold.

SO YES! There's my summary of the last three or so weeks of my life. I hope you all missed me as much as I missed you and I promise I'll blog more often with contact reviews/outfits/dailies now that my holidays are coming up. Have a great night buttercups ♥