December 23, 2014

#BLOGMAS: Things that happened this year pt. 3 July - December

Hello! Hope you guys had a fantastic day :) I spent mine behind my mask and glasses at the dental clinic with my nose running like a tap and the pain killers unable to ease my never ending migraine :'( 

On a brighter note, can you guys believe that it's Christmas Eve tomorrow!? 2014 honestly flew by so quickly for me and I'm not really sure how to feel about it.. While I'd like to say that the reason for combining the last two quarters of my year into this one post is because I wanted to have an extra blogging day for new different content, it's really because not that much happened. Regardless, I hope you guys enjoy the last post recapping this year for me and that you all have exciting plans for Christmas. I'll probably be spending my Christmas Eve with some close friends at the Huang household! 

July 8 - Went to Wellington Point for the first time. 

July 9 - Attended the annual massive soccer game. 

July 10 - Experienced the most stressful experience of my life when I successfully booked 10 tickets for the EUS engineering ball from a $2 internet kiosk at the shopping centre.

July 15 - Felt absolutely devastated when I found out that South Bank spray paints their grass green. 

July 25 - Celebrated by 19th birthday by attending a beautiful high tea with the most incredible girls.

August 6 - My dad picked me up from work while he had hair dye developing on his head HAHAHAHA.

August 17 - Celebrated Alice's 19th birthday by having dinner at George's Paragon on Sanctuary Cove!

September 3 - Went grocery shopping with Alice and David before getting really upset because for the price of my two packets of smoked salmon, the two of them managed a bulk load of snacks :(

September 7 - Received a Daniel Wellington watch from Alice.

September 18 - Had a cocktail with a raw egg in it for the first time while celebrating Jinwook's birthday. 

September 21 - Attended the 2014 EUS ball and was so disappointed with everything considering the price I paid for the ticket :( 

September 23 - Got my marks back for my one of my marketing midsems and ended up with the second highest score in the cohort. 

September 27 - Alice peer pressured me for a solid hour into ordering my first designer bag.

September 28 - Attended the QUT engineering ball and had an incredible time.


October 14 - Finished #thehundredproject! 

October 20 - Had my first ever acai bowl and freaking loved it.

October 29 - Made the spontaneous decision to cut all my hair off 

November 10 - Hit my goal weight! 

November 14 - Celebrated Adrii's 19th birthday with her family at Wagaya.


November 19 - Finished uni for the year.

November 20 - Paul Kim said my brows were amazing hehehe.


November 24 - Celebrated Sandra's 19th by having dinner at Malt. Also tried oysters for the first time.

November 27 - Sat helplessly watching as my front windows got smashed during the hail storm.

December 8 - Booked my tickets to go to Sydney.

December 10 - GRACE GRADUATED! 

December 11 - Drake tickets for next year arrived in the mail. 

December 15 - Off to Sydney~


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