December 6, 2014

#BLOGMAS: Things that happened this year pt. 1 January - March

Hello! Things that happened this year will be a mini series of uploads divided into four separate posts over the upcoming #blogmas season. These posts will be dedicated to recapping my year and although I know that I've already put most of these things up during the year on bits and pieces of social media, I thought that it'd be interesting for both you guys and myself to see what's actually happened to me every quarter of the year. 

For those of you interested in how I know the exact dates of these events, a few of my close friends and I have been using an app called my365 over the last year and a half. Alice started using it waaaay back and finally convinced me to get in the groove of things with her in April last year I think. We and some other girls create mini collages of what we've done during the day and upload them to the app so that we can all stay updated with each other just like we did when we spent everyday in high school together :) The app is admittedly kinda glitchy here and there but most of us have learned to deal with it anyway since we're so used to it after using it everyday. 

2nd January - Had dinner at Grill'd and saw a baby that looked like Jenny when she was younger.

4th January - Watched one of my dentists gift her mum a cheque for 115k and had a really difficult time scooping my jaw off the floor.

7th January - Received my second eye shadow palette from Lorac (pro to go) and also received my iPhone 5s.

8th January - Ate a fig for the first time.

9th January - Adopted Split from Chia Chen.

12th January - DIY ombre'd my hair at home.

20th January - Watched Frozen in cinemas. Yes, this deserved to be here.

29th January - Six year mark of my friendship with Adrii. 

3rd February - Had my first interview with a marketing agency to work at O-week on campus.

5th February - Got accepted to work on O-week and got assigned to the ASOS stall. 

14th February - Went to Eat Street for the first time.

20th February - Caught my first (really tiny) fish for the first time in years. 

25th February - Downloaded Hot or Not for the lolz and deleted it after 5 minutes. 

26th February - Worked on UQ market day with ASOS and nearly died from exhaustion and heat. 

1st March - My dad got two free pizzas from Pizza Hut because he fixed the store door while he went to pick up an order.

2nd March - Picked up my first iPad. 

5th March - Stared at a piece of mail for half an hour wondering why it said slut on it.

6th March - Adrii's four month late birthday present arrived and I booked my tickets to Cairns. 

9th March - Went to Ikea for the first time in years and melted over their meatballs.

11th March - Had Gongcha for the first time.

22nd March - Made a reservation at a Japanese restaurant and they misheard Sarah for Taro. 

25th March - Had pavlova for the first time. 

All my love, S. 

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