December 12, 2014

#BLOGMAS: Things you may or may not already know about me

1. I think this is probably one of the most well known things about me but I don't eat vegetables. It's not that I just think that they taste really foul, but I was never taught to eat them as I grew up. This means that when I do actually try to chew and swallow them I just feel like throwing up. *child mode* 

2. The only music I can listen to while I study is liquid dubstep. It's all I listen to when finals come around then as soon as it's over the playlist is gone for another semester! 

3. I very rarely wear any nail polish, rings and bracelets because of my work at the dental clinic. It's also because I get used to the feeling of jewelry really quickly and feel awkward when it isn't there anymore. I only usually wear watches a few times a week.

4. I have one dimple on the right side of my face which is more visible when I talk than when I smile. 

5. It's not 100% certain however I'm planning to move interstate once I finish my marketing degree for the sake of new life experiences along with the fact that I feel like I'll have better job prospects outside of Brisbane. It'll most likely be to Sydney or Melbourne. 

6. Next year I'd like to go to Queenstown and Tasmania. I'd like to sky dive and bungee jump particularly in Queenstown. 

7. In primary school I folded 1000 paper cranes with Melisa and the wish we made came true. 

8. I get minor allergic reactions when I eat shellfish and mango. My throat just gets super itchy and annoying. 

9. My anxiety goes through the roof when somebody starts a conversation with my name.

10. I got moderately upset in grade 8 and 9 because I had the same business teacher for two different courses. In the first one, she marked me down in Photoshop skills *gutted* and in the second, she marked me down in an assignment where we had to make a website because she """"couldn't read the font"""".

*psst* I just updated my About Me page after a year so feel free to pop by and check it out! You can see it if you click on the appropriate tab just underneath the srh banner.


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