January 29, 2015

Happy 21st to Grace and Fee!

Hello, hello! I'm currently typing up this blog post while (FURIOUSLY) watching the new episode of Suits. I recently went to Limes Rooftop to celebrate the forever gorgeous Grace & Feefee's 21st birthday :) Not much to say apart from that, mostly because I want to kick these characters in the head, so I'll leave it short and sweet for now. 



Can't wait until our 21st birthdays roll around! 

Photos by Jason

Hope you guys are enjoying the last few days of January. How fast is this year passing already? S.

January 23, 2015

Photo & caption update LIII

Okay, so obviously the beginning of this year and blogging aren't getting along very well and I'M SORRRYYYYYY! I actually haven't been at home a lot lately since I've been trying to make the most of my quickly disappearing Summer. The only reason I've been at home today for a few solid hours is because I managed to catch my second cold/fever/whatever-this-thing-is of the season zzz. I've lined up a couple of posts over the next fortnight just in case I go missing again so at least I would have recapped what's been going on lately for you guys. In the meantime, I hope everybody has had a fantastic January so far :')

 Typical Hanaichi lunches before quick shopping trips at Garden City. 

 Tea at 10 in the morning while blasting airconditioning. 

 Melted into a puddle while having lunch at Rogue.

 They didn't plate my pancakes properly :( 

 Aileen finaaaally took Sandra and I to Shouk and I loved everything about it from the service to the location to the staff!

 The waffles were A+ but so sweet that I could barely get through two of them. 

Fail #ootd photo location scouting. 


January 13, 2015

Photo & caption update LII

Hello hello! Sorry for going missing over the last week - I've been trying to make the most of my Summer because well... it's already halfway through. Just thought I'd take a few moments to put up a quick little photo and caption update before I take an early night :) 

New year, more tea. I think this box has definitely made me realise that I'm more of a flavoured black tea kind of girl. 

Tried out the waffles at Cherry Bean Cafe - very average~. 

I was so proud of my eyeliner and brow game on new year's eve :') 

 Shingle Inn dates with Alice and Sandra. 

The "wake up at 3pm and only get out of bed for food" post clubbing tradition which Sandra and I have now formed. 


Went into Aesop for the first time so Sandra could grab some products and ended up spending $65 woops.... 

Lock n Load with Adrienne! They took sweet potato chips with the cheese sauce off the menu and a bit of my heart cracked apart :( 


 Kinn Thai for dinner. 

 Went to Lock n Load again..... 

 Chicken teriyaki from Seoul Bistro. 

 Got stopped on the street by 10% People!

 Eight Street. 

Tried Hot Star for the first time and was actually pretty disappointed :( I much prefer the chicken and sweet potato chips from Garden Station.