May 25, 2013

50 facts about me tag

1. My full name is Sarah Nguyen Truong

2. I haven't met a person that hasn't believed me when I told them that I was Russian

3. I spent five full minutes trying to decide whether to put 169cm or 170cm on my learners license

4. I work as a poorly trained dental assistant. I can assist efficiently with cleans, fissure seals, composite fillings, amalgam fillings but have no idea how to do anything else.

5. My first job was at Supre and as much as I hated how much some friends and customers looked down on me for it, I will never regret working there for so long because the experience I gained and the people I met made it worth my while.

6. I forgot to say that I wanted to do this post because of the new video laurenbeautyy posted on her channel. She's so pretty and talented OTL

7. My best friend's name is Adrienne Tran. My first sentence to her in 2008 was, "do you have any friends". #awkward13yearoldself.

8. My sister's name is Jenny. She looks like my mum and I look like my dad.

9. My mum wanted to name me Rosemary and then my uncle swooped in and saved me.

10. I'm currently studying a double degree and am not enjoying it as much as I thought I would.

11. I love hair/makeup and am seriously considering a career in it if business doesn't work out the way I hope it to (in the future, of course)

12. I don't know what I'm hoping my business career to be like

13. I name particular possessions so that I'll be more attached to them

14. My future cockatoo is going to be named Keketo

15. I have an issue with buying pieces of clothing that cost more than $10 unless it's for a special occasion/something that I know is worth the money

16. I skip 3/4 of my university lectures every single week

17. It makes me happy when someone actually calls me srh online

18. It makes me laugh when someone tries to call me srh in real life

19. My favourite days of the year are my birthday and Valentine's day

20. I am the annoying friend who screams I TOLD YOU SO after you cut your hair short

21.  I have an insane cow lick that cannot be tamed

22. I think I looked like a total train wreck from mid 2009 - mid 2011

23. I'm currently tutoring one student for health studies and she is topping the subject

24. I think animal ears are really cute in the most non weird way possible

25. In high school, I hated English so much that I typed up my final assignment for the year in 20 minutes the day before it was due without taking another look at it. It raised my grade by 2 ranks.

26. I am paranoid about being talked about on UQ Confessions or Spotted: UQ

27. I've worn my Tiffany & Co necklace every day without fail since the day I received it from Jason as a graduation present

28. A list of movies that I've cried in: Eight Below (I've never cried so hard in my entire life), Titanic, and Toy Story Three

29. I HAVE to sneeze more than once

30. I have the weakest core known to man

31. In primary school, I went to district athletics for 100m sprints. I remember getting really mad because I didn't get through the first heats.

32. I played the clarinet until half way through year 8.

33. I am currently in a lot of pain

34. My economics tutor is the definition of fabulous

35. My all time favourite perfume is Rose Summer Edition by Paul Smith

36. I cannot do any type of sum in my head. In a maths exam, I'll type 1+1 into a calculator just to double check that it actually does equal two.

37. I got three helix piercings done in Korea and took them out two months later because they wouldn't heal and I couldn't stand not sleeping on my right side

38. I'll go a bright tomato red after the tiniest bit of alcohol

39. Alice proof reads my blog posts because no matter how hard I try, there'll always be one typo.

40. When I was around 8 years old, a street performer called me up from the audience and made me hold a carrot while he threw a knife at me.

41. Melisa and I have been friends since 2000

42. On a couple of occasions, I've been so tired that I've fallen asleep with my laptop on my chest and then woken up in the same position.

43. I love shaggy cardigans!!! I really hope I haven't missed any numbers.

44. My favourite foods are sweet and sour pork, curry puffs and spam (don't juj ok)

45. I have a birth mark on my elbow that is fading slowly every year

46. I have a mad love for boys when they play with their tongue piercings

47. I am incredibly grateful to have Jason as my boyfriend

48. I consider myself very lucky to have the friends that I do

49. This post took a lot longer than I thought it would to write.

50. I don't know how to thank all of my readers enough for following my blog. It's unreal for me to believe that I have readers from all over Australia (and even a few overseas!) who are actually interested in my life. I appreciate every single one of you and love you to bits.

I tag Aileen, Jiwon, Sandra, Alice, Lyn, and Danika! Have a lovely Sunday. xo, s.

May 24, 2013

It'd be cool if you were actually twins

Hi lovelies! I thought that I should post a brief little something before I get to work for the weekend. I'd like to dedicate this post to two lovely girls who I have grown close to over the last couple of months. My closest friends have all gotten a post here or there on my blog so I thought it was time that they received one as well. Aileen and Jiwon, this one's for you!

Dear Aileen,

(aka Ajia). If I had to describe you in three words, they would be open, patient, and kissable. I will never, ever forget how easy it is to get along with you because our friendship has always been so effortless. Our conversations flow like we've known each other since we were kids and you have no idea how rarely that happens. As much as I'd hate to admit it, I can always rely on you to put a smile on my face because you're the best type of person to be around. My writing skills let me down where I can't explain how grateful I am to have met you but just know that you really do make my life that much more enjoyable. To end, I'd like to say that you really need to put some sort of fence around that stupidly dangerous staircase in your house and I look very forward to spending time with you in Melbourne!

Dear Jiwon,

You are the absolute epitome of kindness. If I could swap lives with somebody then it'd definitely be you. You live your life doing what you believe in whilst valuing everything that you are given. You love each and every one of your friends like they're your family and offer so much as a person that it's actually insane! I hope you realise that you're an absolute gem and that you only deserve the best. I'm incredibly glad I met you because you remind me that there will always be some type of genuine goodness in my life. To end, I'd like to say that you working full time at a dessert place reaaaaaaaaally sucks for me because I end up eating there every time I visit you (which is guaranteed to be at least thrice a week).

Have a great Friday and I hope you all enjoy your weekend! xo, s.

May 18, 2013

Photo & caption update XVII

I'm exhausted so please excuse how simple this post is
  • Woke up at 8 
  • Met Sandra and Jason in the city to go to the Beginning Boutique sale and model search 
  • Didn't buy anything
  • Oogled over the many legs that went for miles 
  • Caught the bus to the sciencentre and looked at dinosaurs
  • Caught the bus to the valley and had lunch and dessert at Wagaya 
  • Went back to my place after running out of energy 
  • Adrii joined us
  • Went back out to eat dinner at Peony and have dessert at Passion Tree 

I hope everybody is feeling much more energetic than I am. Have a lovely weekend! xo, s.

May 15, 2013

Liese/Prettia Bubble hair dye: chiffon beige

Hi lovelies. I'm currently in the middle of a 2.5 hour break at uni so I thought that I should post something to make this somewhat productive. Today I'll be doing a review of Chiffon Beige from my all time favourite hair dye brand, Liese! Adrii let me use her as a test subject and in case anybody was wondering, her hair has only been dyed once previously using Milk Tea Brown from Liese.




Colour - 
The colouring did change her hair but I don't think it was very similar to the colour chart provided on the box. Her hair is much more orange than it was expected to be. 

Brightening - 
 It's pretty obvious that there was a really strong difference in the colour. Adrii's hair was much more vibrant and I found it made her hair look much shinier. The dye completely lifted her regrowth as well!

Ease of use - 
 As per usual, I absolutely love how easy the foam application is. It provides an even application and makes it so easy for your hair to be dyed.

May 6, 2013

Sparkle and shine

Hi! I went to the Buddha Birth Day Festival with a bunch of friends today so here's a bunch of photos to fill up some space that desperately needs to be updated. Finals for uni are in about a month but to be honest, I highly doubt that the time between my posts will grow any larger than they currently are (a billion apologies).


Honey bread from Passion Tree

Passion Binsoo with no red beans mhmm

Alice and her plate of shame

Hope all of you guys have a fantastic week! xo, s. :-)