October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween

I went to Justine's house for her 16th/Halloween party yesterday! Being the super duper original person I am, I went as a black cat. Before her party, I went to watch In Time with Alice and Sandra. The movie was cute but it was pretty predictable. Sandra got so annoyed and bored that she ended up lying across three chairs since there was only 10 people in the entire cinema. Most of the movie was spent oogling over how unfairly hot Amanda Seyfried anyway so yeah, it was good but not great.

We made our way to Justine's house and about half way there, I realised that I left my box of makeup which had a majority of my stuff in it at the Korean BBQ place we went to for lunch fml. I ended up getting it back safely (thanks Brian) two hours later so Foonie, Pennie, Linda and Sandra were the loveliest girls and let me borrow/use their supplies.

Everybody got split into houses from Hogwarts and I was in Slytherin! We somehow developed the team motto 'just because we're hot and you're not. Don't ask.

We were hopeless at the first game. Justine gave every group some riddles and the answers were objects in her house. We had to find them and it was basically a treasure hunt kind of thing. The answer to our first riddle was vacuum and damn, we were so happy when we thought we found it. It's so awkward because I'm pretty sure now that it wasn't even a vacuum cleaner.

There were some other games like spin the bottle truth or dare, guess the three disgustingly combined foods on your cracker and pinata but I don't have any photos that you guys probably haven't already seen on Sandra's blog so I'll just leave them and chuck in a few photos instead. By the way I don't know how it happened but, my sd card had 132 at the end of the night and three quarters of them were either with Alice or had her in them so yeah, enjoy her face!

Dress from eBay, jewellery from eBay, falsies from eBay, Bambi grey lenses from Mukuchu, ears from eBay, ankle wedge boots from Rubi Shoes, bowtie borrowed from Jinwook.

I carved my first jack o' lantern last night as well! This is Slytherin's baby, Lamb. She came third in the game and did us proud :')

Thanks to Justine and her parent's for organising such a fun party. I hope everyone's well and good luck to everybody who has exams coming up soon! ♥

October 19, 2011

Lost in lust

Hello! Sorry it's been so long. School's back and once again, I'm on the verge of curling into a ball every two hours. I have block exams in about three weeks so bare with me til then and also, you'll have to excuse me for the quality of my photos in the upcoming posts. A series of unfortunate events occurred and the battery charger for my dslr is no longer with me. A new one's been ordered and should arrive in about a month!

Anyway, I went to Jihae's 16th birthday last Sunday night with a bunch of girls from school. She is one of the friendliest girls I've ever met. Her personality is so odd it makes me want to just keep her forever and the number of things she has in her school bag could probably keep me entertained for a few good hours.

We went to eat at Beijing House and everything there was perfect. Highly recommended if any of you were wondering! The rest of the night was spent jumping on sofas and serenading at karaoke so there's not really much else to say.

I hope everyone's well and before I go, here's a new cover by Juicy. You know what to do! ♥

October 1, 2011

MBC semi formal

Oversized button up from Dotti, black slip dress from Supre, red lipstick (cha cha) from Australis Colour Inject.

I really have no idea how Sandra, Linda, Alice and I managed to get ready for our semi formal in less than two hours. I went to Melisa's house yesterday and it took more than three to get everything done but wowie, she looked pretty damn beautiful.

Dress from Princess Polly, heels from Novo, pearl hair piece from Diva.

  • We left at about four to get to her friend's place for their semi pre.
  • I wanted to tag along so that I could help take photos.
  • Melisa decided to drive and wanted me to give her directions.
  • We didn't die. Please be proud of us.
  • Her friend's house was so lovely and I got so jealous that my own pre wasn't as nice.
  • Melisa chucked a tantrum because we realised that she forgot her earrings and bracelets.
  • She calmed down after a few macaroons made by Akina.
  • I left at 6
  • What I've heard since then: They had a really great night full of strip teasing from Jun and shuffle battles from Simon.
Before I finish this post I have the most amazing news in the world. Juicy recently got accepted into Berklee College of Music with a $20,000 scholarship AND she finally got a microphone. Go and show her the love that she deserves guys!

I hope everyone's well and have a good one! ♥