December 20, 2014

#BLOGMAS: Travel Diaries - Sydney: Day 02

*has really bad time management and completely forgot I was meant to post something today* Super sorry for the delay on my second day in Sydney! After many years, the three of us had the absolute pleasure of finally meeting Anita aka. almostanita. We've all been following her tumblr since about 2010 so it was incredible to finally meet the talented little lady :) 

Got up a bit earlier than Alice and Sandra to meet and have an early morning coffee with Mary. 

 Gloria Jeans salted caramel latte 5/10 very disappointing :( 


We requested an Uber and went to Grounds of Alexandria for brunch. 10/10 would recommend. Loved everything from the menu to the service :) 



 Top from Ally, jeans and shoes from ASOS, bag from Prada. 


 Tried Messina and was actually pretty disappointed... Didn't really enjoy any of the flavours :( 

 Walked back to the CBD to explore QVB. 

 Philosophy samples from Sephora.

 Chocolate covered strawberries, figs and mixed berries. 

Thai food for lunch at Chat Thai.  

 Dry noodles with BBQ pork, dumplings and a fried egg. 

Over the two nights we stayed in Sydney, I took four baths. 

 Made our second last stop of the night at Ivy Pool Club since it was recommended by so many people. 

 Finished the night off with the best dinner in bed from Lord of the Fries and Papa Rotti :') 

I hope you're all well and have a fantastic weekend! S.

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