November 30, 2010

What up! Went out early in the morning to meet up with Dora and Khang to watch HP7. It was actually really scary wth? Dora and I were curled up into a ball while Khang was just chillin' since he already knew what was going to happen from reading the books. After the movie we met up with Adrii to go buy some fairy lights and sparklers (LOL Dora called them sprinklers) from the Reject Shop to take photos with later.

Adrii and Dora came home with me and I kid you not we took photos for two hours . I cbf to upload all of them tonight so I just uploaded the best ones :)

I ♥ U
Best photo of the night.

Deathly Hallows
In celebration of Harry Potter (8


Sarah, Sandra, Adrii
The fairy lights added a really nice incandescent glow to the photos. We look innocent, yes?

Adrii Tran, Sandra Finow

Sarah Truong, Sandra Finow
My personal favourite. Thank you to Adriitography.

Sarah Truong, Sandra Finow

By the way guys, if you haven't seen it in my profile section already, I've started to upload my photos to Flickr because the photos look a lot sharper. Here's the direct link

We're going on another photography trip tomorrow around our school tomorrow so hopefully that'll go well. Sorry for updating so late tonight! ♥ Sweet dreams everyone.

November 26, 2010

So yeah.. this is my so called Christmas layout. I think it looks pretty nice but it doesn't look very 'Christmassy' LOL. If you squint and stare for a while, you can see snow. I'm trying to find a code where it'll make the snow more obvious so bare with me for the mean time.

Feedback and suggestions are welcome. I need to tweek some colours and measurements. Hopefully it'll look a bit better when the Kia ad finishes and the clashing colours go >: asdklasjd something's missing.

Anyway, today was my last day of year 10 and I am excited to be reunited with sleeping in until 10 every morning.

Post edit 26/11 - 10:40 PM: I took off the snow because it was lagging people.
Post edit 27/11 - 5:35 PM: I don't like the layout anymore - -"

November 25, 2010

I love Paulie. She makes me forget everything dodgy that's happening in my life just by waddling around on my bed sheets and making me laugh.

November 24, 2010

BOM class 2010. This was my favourite class of the semester :3

Happy 15th birthday Sandragonfly!
I hope you're having a great day you adorable boy. I enjoyed wrapping your hair around your face today and I'm sorry for using your new roller perfume on Khang's hairy arm LOL ♥

Fine arts: Didn't do anything that productive. I spent 20 minutes of the lesson scanning in people's creations from the art workshop and looking at goldfish. I want some now :(
Chemistry: The class watched this dvd about the 'invisible world'. It basically took everyday scenarios and slowed them down so that you could see what was actually happening. LIKE THIS:

English: Listened to more oral presentations.
Digital art: I have never been so stressed for someone else in my lyfe. Khang, Adrii and I thought that it was only our journals that were due today but it was actually our whole project. Luckily I finished a week prior to this but Khang and Adrii hadn't even started ._. I couldn't help Adrii do anything because she didn't have her photographs with her so I helped Khang instead. I spent half an hour rushing to get his project done while he did this theory TT I don't even understand how it took half an hour to do when it looked so dodgy in the end sigh. I'll take photos of them if I remember to next lesson.

(When was the last time I did a post when I talked about my school day and lessons?)

November 22, 2010

^ From Yesterday when I was studying for my last exam of 2010 which I had today! The test was alright I guess. I got bored and did one of my best ever drawings on the desk :(

Today I went to the Griffith art workshop with some of my class for a 'photography day'. I was looking pretty forward to it and it disappointed me so much I cannot even explain >_>" The only photography I did was take five random photos of Alex. After we did that, we had an hour break where we could go anywhere ._.

After that hour we went back to the place in the photo below to deconstruct and reconstruct our photos into something else.

Finished! I didn't even use my photo LOL. Alex took my hand and used it in hers though :) Tomorrow is meant to be the second day of workshops where I do printmaking. I don't think I'll bother going though :|

p.p.s/ I started on my Christmas layout kekeke. I think I'll go for a classy white christmas layout this year opposed to the traditional red and green :)

November 19, 2010

To anyone who has ever made me smile,

I kinda feel like I've underappreciated you so yeah.. I quickly wanted to post this.

Whether I was in a bad mood or not, thank you. I really can't explain how much better you guys make my day :) I've grown used to having my days filled with tonnes of laughter and that's probably why I've started to not notice it as much.

  • Thank you for asking if I was okay out of pure concern and not curiosity.
  • Thank you for throwing me pretty little smiles every day.
  • Thank you for making the most retarded faces every five minutes.
  • Thank you for staring at my food and making me share it until you are satisfied.
  • Thank you for looking out for me all the time.
  • Thank you for having inside jokes with me.
  • Thank you for ruffling my hair.
  • Thank you for being so lame that it makes me laugh.
  • Thank you for sticking by me through everything.

November 17, 2010

I went out with Adrii and her family for her birthday yesterday. They took me to Sunnybank Buffet Gardens which was actually pretty empty. Adrii and I ate like beasts. We were so hungry that the food there actually tasted good for once ._. We went to camwhore in the toilets and it was so creepy >>" First we were in the disabled toilets and the hand drier randomly went off. Later we went to the actual female toilet and there was a bell noise (lol, I thought of the kitty from the grudge).

HEHEHEH ONLY ANOTHER SEVEN DAYS OF SCHOOL BEFORE I'M ON HOLIDAYS. I'm so happy. I'm so happy. I'm so happy. I'm so happy even though I probably sounded like a dying horse during my presentation for english today. I'm so happy. I'm so happy.

November 13, 2010

Adrii Tran,
You're a fucking bitch but you're special because you're my bitch. Thank you for being my best friend. I haven't wrote a proper post for you in quite a while and this feels awkward because the last time I did, it was probably too flowery and "I love you xoxox ♥♥" LOL. Oh well, here goes nothing.

You've always been there for me; whether it be going through intense laughing fits which last for ages or coming home with me at the end of a day to raid my room for everything little thing that I never wanted to see again. You're the only one of my friends who actually let's me touch their hair and play with it for hours on end. You're the only one of my friends who trust them to draw on them with sharpie. You're the only one of my friends that would take me out of school if something dramatic happened to feed me chocolate from Max Brenner and ya know, I gotta thank you for that :)

Okay no more I give up LOL. This is too corny and I feel uncomfortable typing this so... ii l0v3 y3W `43vA b4bY.

Ew big chunk of text.

November 10, 2010

Tonight is one of those nights where everything is asklakhsjkd for no particular reason.

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” - Confucious.

November 9, 2010

I was looking around on the files at school today and found a photo from my digital art class a few weeks ago when the teacher was showing people how to light draw. Since I realised I haven't really used my dslr properly for a while I thought I should do some light drawing as well :)

I experimented with a two different things this time unlike last time when I just used a plain white torch.

So first I used an app which I downloaded for my phone. It's called Magic Light and just makes my screen flash random colours. They gave off a really nice gradient in the photos :3

The second thing I experimented with was my galaxy projector! The projector isn't really that bright so the camera only caught some of the light which is why the light streams are so thin.

Btw, I was looking through my stash of videos for this year so far and uploaded one which I found amusing for some reason. When me sister sees this, she is going to flip LOL.

November 6, 2010

I spent the first half an hour of my day sitting next to Salina at the top floor of Borders watching this guy paint a wall. It was actually really entertaining. I recorded about 10 minutes of it which I might include in my next video if I ever make another :L

  • Went to Bento to buy sushi which we had to wait ages for since they hadn't made it yet.
  • They gave Adrii a free one as compensation for making us wait.
  • Met up with Lice and Dora @ SLQ
  • Stayed for 20 minutes doing nothing
  • Went to eat lunch @ Max Brenner
  • Decided to go to Movenpick instead after waiting for 10 minutes
  • Got ice chocolate with creme brule ice cream
  • Went home and made a new Nuffie poll in order to assist in naming my new ukulele which I bought today. p.s I settled for black because they didn't have light blue.

November 4, 2010

I had my trade fair today for BOM which didn't go as well as I had hoped but it was still pretty fun. Period two was hilarious. Five or six people (including me) were just standing at the front of the classroom where the power points were to straighten our hair for BOM. Our teacher even asked us to straighten her fringe for her LOL.When period three started, Linda, Mikaela and I all rushed down to g-block to get a good spot. It was actually one of the last down the hallway but we still got heaps of attention, luckily.

Here are some photos from the trade fair taken by Adrii. There's not many since most of them are on Mikaela's camera (I'll dedicate a post to photos from the trade fair tomorrow probably). Just think of these as a sneak peek I guess? :)

I put glitter eyeliner on Mikaela and Linda to ensure that we sparkled.

Today was one of the rare days where Linda and I forced Mikaela to put her hair down. Gorgeous, yeah?