December 14, 2014

#BLOGMAS: Ponycat with Evelyn

Hello hello :) A little bit of Sydney came to see me before I fly off tomorrow for my trip! Evelyn and I spent the morning at Ponycat to have brunch together. All the staff there are absolutely fantastic and I'd definitely recommend it for anybody looking for a new brunch place to try out since it's pretty easy to get to by public transport. 

Dress from Supre, wallet from Michael Kors, watch from Fossil. 

 All of their menu items are written up on the wall.

 My french toast.

Evelyn's sweet potato pancakes.

Made a quick trip to Windsor Smith so I could buy Evelyn a small gift for all the birthdays I've missed. 

I honestly can't wait for my trip tomorrow! Half of me can't believe that we planned a trip so last minute and the other can't believe that Alice and Sandra were able to get the time off. For the sake of actually fully enjoying my trip, I'll be preparing three posts which will automatically be scheduled to upload while I'm down there so you guys still have stuff to keep your fingers scrolling :) The Sydney travel diaries will hopefully be put up over the next three days as soon as I get home. I hope you're all well and had an excellent Sunday! S. 

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