September 28, 2010

Happy 16 months k3!

I was going to do a contact lens review today because I didn't have anything in particular to post today but then something else came up! Plus the lighting in my room isn't very good today because it's rainy anyway.

I came home from the bank today and saw a white package near the front gate for me :D!! Then I went to the back of my house and my Grandma gave me the rest of my packages I ordered about a fortnight ago yew!!

My packages include:
  • Falsie glue for Linda
  • Two braided headbands for Lice and Dora
  • Necklace for Vanny
  • Two galaxy projectors for Vanny and I (It's meant to be her birthday present but she already knows because someone snitched :[ )

Oh my god Alice just called and said she got her braces off ARGARHAGR :@ sighhh, anyway. Here's pictures of the galaxy projector while I was making it. It was so friggen annoying because the instructions didn't even match the stuff that they sent me -_-

I stole batteries from the TV remote.. LOL


Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah :) What is that galaxy projector thingo that you got? What does it do?

khangyy said...

happy 16 months baby boo. :3

best 16 months of my life babe! ^__^



love you. :)

Sarah said...

It's meant to project a galaxy light effect over your wall but the light bulb they sent with it isn't very strong so you can't see the stars properly =[

Daw babe, I love you :D

Anonymous said...

where did you buy them from ?

Sarah said...

All the packages are from eBay (:

Anonymous said...

Hey! How do you pay for your purchases on ebay? You either need a keycard or credit card for paypal right, so which one do you use / how do you do it?

Sarah said...

I got a Visa giftcard (you can purchase them from most post offices). Then you activate it and connect it to your Paypal acc!

Anonymous said...

Hey :D with the way you pay online- with the visa gift cards and paypal etc, does it have anything to do with your credit card or savings card or bank account? or is it totally seperate? :)