September 17, 2010

Holidays! :D So many plans for the next fortnight which range from Laserforce to opshopping.

I went to Garden City with my girlfrans today so everyone could get clothing, presents and try on heels. We spent most of our time in Dotti and Equip. I tried on a few different dresses from Dotti (including the first maxi dress that I've ever tried!) Didn't end up getting anything because I was surviving the day on $20 --" Alice managed to snatch a pretty $20 dress from Dotti which was absolutely gorgeous!

Equip was having a $5 sale so I got a leopard print headband! Speaking of sales, the shoe store next to Toys R Us at Garden City is having a closing sale so they're selling the nicest heels for $30! :D

With Linda in the morning :)

Alice looks so feminine with heels on right? I really liked the heels I was wearing but the thing is the heel was more than 10cm wtf. I'd be taller than Khang wearing those --"

Linda and I were talking about this dress for a while so I tried it on and yeah.. this is just for her to see what it looks like. I wouldn't mind buying this for semi :P

Alice and her $20 dress.

Minus Salina who was trying on a dress for the first time in a million years.


Anonymous said...

i love the heels you're wearing ! which store did you get them from?

Sarah said...

I can't remember the name of the store sorry TT I just know it was next to Toys R Us D:

Anonymous said...

You guys are so adorable♥

Sarah said...

You are!

Yasmin said...

gosh you in that maxi dress is fucking hot as woman ! if i wore one, i'd be drowning in it T_T

alicee said...

The shoe shop was "Famous Footwear", but its closing down, which is why its having a huge sale :)

Sarah said...

Naw babe you should get one then tailor it or something. You'd look so cute in one :3

Thanks babe! :D

cassie/vy said...

♥ the heels you were wearing. are you sure it's 10cm? doesn't look like it D:

Sarah said...

I'm pretty sure they were >< They looked higher than my pumps!

Anonymous said...

Wow you'd be wayyy taller than Khang in those :o aren't u and khang the same height anyways? if you wore a heel higher than like 2 or 3cm you might be taller than him D: And did u edit that pic with the braclets its soo prettyyyfull.

Sarah said...

Nah Khang's a fair bit taller than me.

See here:

I can wear my pumps and he's still taller than me :D and yes I did :P