September 10, 2010

My mum got bored today and pulled out a gazillion old albums and I thought I might as well upload two of them. Here's bbysrh:

This was at a wedding in NSW I think. I still remember the area though I was really small. There was this place where you had to walk over stepping stones to get over this river thing. Problem was that they were really wobbly and had no railing or anything; my mum fell in LOL. Oh and this picture is for the anon commenter who asked for a photo of me and my sister :P

I'll be uploading a contact lens review tomorrow or Sunday hopefully! Sorry for the lack of updates lately, it's been a fairly quiet week ): Since this post is pretty short I think I'll pick one of the topics out of this 30 day challenge that Alice just sent me to talk about~

Write 30 interesting facts about yourself.
1. I do not have a Vietnamese name because my parents were too lazy to give me one.
2. I was almost named Rosemary. Wtf the horror T_T.
3. I have a cut on the side of my right arm from running into a bag of broken glass when I was seven.
4. I have birthmarks on my elbow.
5. There is currently a KFC snack box that Adrii left at my house.
6. My current room used to have snails living in the wall.
7. I am instantly attracted to anything that sparkles, mainly blings.
8. For the past year my mum has banned me from dying my hair because she is worried I'll go blonde.
9. My mum also won't let me get a belly button piercing. Actually scratch that, I'm not allowed to get a third piercing anywhere TT
10. A gorgeous smile is always enough to win me over.
11. I have one dimple on my right cheek that is more visible when I talk rather than smile.
12. I'm finding these facts very difficult to write.
13. I like to draw fish on people and their school diaries.
14. I just learned from Khang that you can get banned from Maplestory for 28 years.
15. I hate Maplestory a lot. I went to Khang's house and the first thing I did was uninstall it from his computer.
16. I love to play with Linda's butt-length hair.
17. I would like to get a new bling wrist watch.
18. Yesterday my parents obliged into getting me a DSLR. Any suggestions anyone?
19. Next year I'm doing maths b, chemistry, art, BCT, English and health if I don't make it into the photography TAFE course I applied for.
20. I am obsessed with floral things and bird silhouettes.
21. I think Khang is not awesome.
22. I really need to repaint my nails.
23. I seriously can't think of any more facts, let alone interesting ones -_-
24. I have bruises on both of my knees from falling over in primary school when playing touch football.
25. I'm amazed at how fit I used to be in primary school compared to now.
26. People always seem to be surprised when they hear that I go to tutor ._.
27. I am absolutely pumped for my BOM assignment with Linda and Mikaela.
28. When I was little I had a bike, roller-skates and a scooter. Now I have none.
29. I never realised how blue the sky was one day until Haerim pointed it out.
30. I'm going to go take a shower now.


surprised :'O said...

sarah, i'm suprised that you go to tutor, seriously. LOLOL I really am :D

Sarah said...


*O* said...


Sarah said...

Adrii would strongly disagree LOL