September 6, 2010

This post isn't really on one topic but oh well :P I went to the city after school today with the family to buy some birthday presents for people. Adrii bought her fathers day present for her dad a day late while I got some cards and a necklace for Rachel.

I would like to say my new obsession (matching with Spring) is floral accessories :D God damn they're so gorgeous and it's so convenient that they're a lot cheaper than metal accessories.

The peach one is a necklace from Target and the white one is a headband from Equip. Both only $10! ♥ Here's the rest of the photos from today. By the way I had to give my god-brothers' dslr back today so expect a drop in quality of photos from today u_u

The photos were taken/edited by me and the quotes were from Relient K & !

The necklace I got for Rachel. The stuff in the little bottle is pixie dust :)

Rachel's birthday card HAHA.

Adrii's fathers day present for her dad! Isn't she adorable 8)


Pee' Tee said...


Sarah said...

Thank you!

Honeybee said...

Hellooo darling :) Haha. Your photos from riverfire are beautiful! By the way, did you edit the lighting or anything in those photos taken by your god-brother's camera? They're seriously sooo high quality. The cam must be soo expensive aye T__T And I must say, your photography and editing are awesome :O

Exuvalia said...

Aww. I'm in love with floral accessories too! (:

Anonymous said...

put a picture of you and your sistar on

Sarah said...

Hello again :] I make them abit brighter and yeah I know the quality is amazing! Thank you dear ♥

They're gorgeous <333

I don't take photos with her much :P When I do then I will.

Honeybee said...

Haha yeah, and oh! I forgot to ask, what program/software do you use to edit your photos? :) And ooh you have a link to follow your blog now. I'm wondering if I should click.. ;O Haha. But no! Honeybee remains a mystery for now >:D

Sarah said...

I use Photoshop cs5 :D and naw you're adorable :D:D:D