September 27, 2010

I'm not really in the mood for typing so I think this post will be reasonably short minus the rant coming up. I went to Pancake Manor in the morning with Adrii and Linda for breakfast before Adrii had to go to Inala. Lindadada and I went to Botanical Gardens for me to properly try out my dslr. She left a bit after to go to bowling~

[rant] For the record, I feel two main emotions at the moment. Annoyance and a tinge of sadness. I feel annoyed because after dropping a certain thing I had against someone for quite a long period of time, I have a new reason for holding onto it again. I have no idea what the hell that person is thinking but believe me, it's enough for me to want to light their hair on fire. [/rant]

Photos of happy Lnd and Srh to finish off a negative post :) .

I'm still getting the hang of camwhoring with a dslr --"


Anonymous said...

the photo quality is brilliant ! im quite jealous of you and your dslr D:

Anonymous said...

hey sarah how did you get the "click here to follow me" thing? i want to do something similar on my blog ;D

Sarah said...

@Anonymous 5:23 PM
I still have lots to learn ;x!

@Anonymous 7:45 PM
It's just a link with a picture instead of a word (: