September 5, 2010

Happy Daddy's Day :D

River fire was horrible, absolutely horrible. Actually, it was kind of okay during the day because there wasn't that many people. I met up with Khang in the morning and we roamed around the shops looking for a birthday present for my mum and Linda. Ended up getting my mum this nice bag from Forever New. Alice and Dora came to meet up with us a few hours later then Jason too.

We didn't do much actually :s We went to the movies then backed out because it was too expensive LOL.. Then went to Southbank to take photos and watch a movie.

We watched Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and wow the movie was so retarded. Alice was rolling around in her seat begging for it to be over already. Everyone was raging at me because I said it got good reviews, which it did btw -_- see here.

The fireworks were lame. Lice, Dora and Jason ran ahead in the crowd and Khang and I got left behind :s I spent the rest of the fireworks looking for my sister and friends before I realised I ran into a non-reception area where I had to wait for an hour to get out of :@ Then after my sister gave me a call saying that her and my dad already left. Khang's parents took me home ToT

Alice photo bomb

Dora :D She looked ridiculously good today ;] and LOL at height difference.


Yasmin said...

wow the camera quality is amazing! and the photos are so pretty babe

Anonymous said...

wow , your photos are of such good quality. what camera did you use for those?

Sarah said...

Thanks sweetie :3

It's my god-brothers dslr. Canon EOS 1000D :)

Pee' Tee said...

PRETTY PICTURES! Love your camera! *O*