September 16, 2010

I have writers block. Alice tried inspiring me. Didn't help LOL.

- srhkhng♡says:
- aliceecourtney // Johnnyvu says:
*Look at me
*and look back at your keyboard
*then look at me again
*and back at your keyboard
*you are now

Happy birthday Yasmin ♥

I didn't do much except bought $40 worth of stuff off ebay this afternoon. Feels good to shop online again. Thanks to everyone who took the survey for my BOM, you guys helped a bunch ♥ I'll blog properly tomorrow.. well I'll try to anyway :)


Yasmin said...

Love you dear! <3

Sarah said...

Love you too ;3

Anonymous said...

Its a bit late but....sarah, what is writers block? What do you do in it? lols sorry I'm a tad bit stupid :\

Sarah said...

Oh no writers block isn't an event or anything LOL. It's when you can't write, period.