October 1, 2010

Contact Lens review for GEO Ashwing!
Ashwing has been one of my all time favourites and was the first pair of lens I bought/used. I've tried most of the wing series (except for green) and I don't really like any except for the Ashwing :3 They were designed by the popular Japanese model Masuwaka Tsubasa who is absolutely gorgeous! They were purchased from http://mukuchu.blogspot.com and here is the advertised photo:

For the record, the lenses don't actually have the halo like they do in the photo. For those of you who aren't sure what a 'halo' is, it's that lighter line towards the bottom edges of the lenses.

Comparison photo


Natural white light

Flash. Yay old photos from last year LOL.

Design: 10/10 - Tsubasa's design blends in really well with your eyes and the soft slightly darker border of the lenses keeps it looking really natural.
Size: 7/10 - They're only 14.00mm lenses so don't expect that much of an enlargement. They're good for a natural look, non-overwhelming look.
Colour: 9/10 - Ashwing are a gorgeous shade of grey. They're quite light but not light enough to make the whole thing look creepy and unnatural.


Anonymous said...

When you take the photo, where do you look? :S Because I've tried looking at the camera but I turn out cross eyed ><

Anonymous said...

Does the brown look nice? Bright? I was planning to get a pair but I wasn't sure if it looked nice. :/

Sarah said...

@Anonymous 3:47 PM
I just look normally at the camera LOL (:

@Anonymous 8:42 PM
The honey wing is okay.. but then again I'm kind of bias because I never like brown lens unless they're 14.50mm+. Here's a review if you wanna see them http://makeup-piggy.blogspot.com/2010/09/circle-lens-review-geo-honey-wingolive.html. If you want a brown lens, max brown is really nice.

Honeybee said...

Prettysarahphotos haha :) And ooh, the name of all thoes winged contacts sound so cool 8D Why don't you like most of the contacts in that series though, Sarah?

Sarah said...

Hi dear :3 I don't like most of the other colours in the series because they're really dull and not very strong ): Their shades are really unnatural too!