September 18, 2010

A new layout to start the holidays! A million thanks to Luquie for recommending me this blogskin. If you guys don't like something then leave comments feedback etc. I found a new script from another blogskin for the slideshow header as you can see. It's pretty neat I reckon.

Anyway, this morning while in bed on my phone, I was watching x-factor auditions and I realised something. During auditions there are always people who have emotional backgrounds for example how they had recently cancer or someone passed away which made them want to try out. Usually these people really good and the judges let them through to the next round but then I was thinking.. what if they're actually no good? Strain on the conscience much? ._.

Oh yeah, to finish up, this is something I thought was hilarious. While I was looking through photos to use for the header I came across these two photos of Dora and I.


WENDYTDN :) said...

Ohmygahhh, I really love the new layout!

Anonymous said...

The blogskin is really neat!
-eyebrows- 8D Does the picture above the calender changes every month? :D

Honeybee said...

OMFG Sarah the new layout is beyond amazing!! Arghh!! :D :D Did you make all the banners in in that slideshow banner thingy up the top? You're really good at making graphics. You're really good at everything haha. Love you gorgeous, and keep this layout it looks amazzzingg :D

Luquiee♥ said...

nps sarah :)

Sarah said...

Thank you!

Ooh, good idea :]

Hi dear! and yeah I did. Naw, I love it whenever you comment :) You make my day!


Sarah said...


Honeybee said...

Hahahah Sarah. Aww thankyou, and why yes I do go to your school haha. I'm in your grade :P (which is how I even found your blog) And haha how'd you randomly figure that out? Ahaha wuvyou :)

Sarah said...

I discovered it because you commented on Yasmin's blog that you couldn't say happy birthday to her because you saw her at school >:I

Omgaz, once I get my school photos I'm going to go through process of elimination to find out who you are!

Honeybee said...

Naww Sarah hahaha. How exactly will school photos help? ;) I shall give you a hint though, my name doesn't start with H :D

And I just realized D: I should have told Yasmin I didn't get to say it to her at school :/ Because then she'd be like "oh who's this :D" and I'd be like "noo D:" Haha.

I wonder who you'll think I am aye :D

Sarah said...

GARGHARGHARGHARGH >:( I do hope you're telling the truth about the name starting with H thing. Wanna tell me what part of the school you normally eat lunch at? LOL.