September 23, 2010

I feel like making this post black and white :) Met up in the morning with Lice and Dora to buy breakfast from 7/11 since it was dollar day! We waited for Adrii before bussing to Chermside. Adrii and Alice focused on spending money while Dora and I were stingy and looked for bargains LOL. I got an anklet (finally), bracelet and pinky ring!

Adrii came back to my place and was amused at the fact that even with 10cm heels on, she was still shorter than me. By quite a bit too ):

In other exciting news, I may have my DSLR (second hand) soon :D :D :D


Anonymous said...

where did you get the anklet from?

Sarah said...

Equip (: They're having a $5 sale atm.

Anonymous said...

What are you wearing? It looks rly nice :D And were you wearing heels? How high were they? Cuz wow! Adrii is still shorter than you with 10cm heels haha. You must be quite giant tall haha :o

Pee' Tee said...

You're really good at taking pictures. :D

Anonymous said...

That ring ♥

Sarah said...

@Anonymous 9:49 PM
I was wearing a singlet, leopard print skirt with a sleeveless coat thing :3 In the first photo we were both wearing heels and noooo, I'm not a giant. Adrii's just a midget LOL -_-

@Pee' Tee
Thanks babe!

@Anonymous 11:22 PM
Ikr it's so cute!

Anonymous said...

sarah, dslr camera s/h how much? D:

Sarah said...

Depends on which one ya get :3