April 1, 2011


Top stolen from my mum's closet, jeans from Jeans West, bangles from Equip, ankle boots from Payless.

My mum came in while I was editing the photos for this post and complimented herself on her wardrobe. Oh and before I forget, Suitcase Rummage should be on this Sunday for anybody that's interested! Hopefully the weather's good so it won't be cancelled cause I want more blazers and some new skirts.

This week has been pretty bland in general. The weather's been as bipolar as Alice without any food so it hasn't really helped either. I think I'm complaining too much lately, oh well LOL. I got frustrated with so many things this week it was ridiculous. The thing that probably pissed me off most was my art teacher/sculpture.

It's a plaster casing of a mannequin's head connected to a piece of cardboard which I covered in random pages from a novel. The eyes were kinda tedious to do because I didn't cover the mannequin properly so a lot of the facial features didn't show up. Before I continue, I'd like to pay tribute to the markers I killed whilst drawing the eyes because I accidentally used them before the glue from the eyelashes dried, RIP(F).

So after I was done, the teacher came up to me and well...

Teacher: Oh you're done? You should cut that ugly board into a nice shape now.
Sarah: Can I cut it into a medal shape or something?
Teacher: That doesn't really have anything to do with your character that you designed, maybe cut it into a wing or something.

Then she walked off.

A wing. A WING? ARE YOU SERIOUS? The cardboard was initially already hard as hell to cut and now when it has an additional two layers of newspaper and heaps of PVA glue, you want me to cut it into a curved wing??????????? Aasdjasdkjh.

I'll stop rambling on now. Goodnight and I hope all of you had a better week than I did ♥


Melody said...

Outfit is gorgeousss.
And wahhhhtheehelll is with the teacher :\ sif say some random shit like that :( ! I think your sculpture looks gorgeous *-* <3

Ice Pandora said...

What a bad teacher she is!
I would be very pissed off because I think your piece of art looks amazing!

happy weekend ;) xx

Fernroro said...

The outfit is cute~ :3
arghh stupid teacher >>"
it looks awesome and pretty <3

Yak Man said...

Lovely outfit! I like your mothers top haha :)