April 9, 2011


Suitcase Rummage top and bag, skirt from Portmans, cuff and belt from Cotton On.

My stomach looks wide in the photo above because of my shirt :(

I went out to SLQ with Dora, Alice, Jayd, Felan and Jinwook today so I could get my animation done for art. It's kind of choppy and doesn't 'glide' very well because I didn't take enough photos of Dora doing stuff but ah well, it's pretty good considering I haven't done anything film related for a few years. Just to avoid any confusion, it's just a short introduction to the character which my semester's portfolio is based on hence Dora writing those kinda creepy things.

Oh and, for anybody that was curious. The video was made up of about 300 photos and I used the Movie Maker program on Windows because I have no idea how to use Sony Vegas boo.

After that we took more photos and yeah.. in case some of you don't read my Twitter feed, my right eye is crazy red for some reason. I woke up this morning and it was slightly pink but it didn't hurt so I thought it'd pass but then after we took all these photos Alice pointed it out to me and it was pretty bad. If I cover up the left side of my face then I look like I've been bawling my eyes out for ages LOL /cool story.

Last thing before I go! If you haven't already voted for me in Dotti's style nation competition for this month then please do. Just click on the first button on my sidebar :3 Have a wonderful night and enjoy the rest of your weekend! ♥


Anita said...

The stop motion animation is so good!

lauralovee; said...

sarah, you're so gorgeous.
& i've said this before but i'm saying it again. your stop motion anim is amazing! :D

Julie said...

I like the stop animation :)
& you and your friends are so pretty!!

Yak Man said...

wow, the stop montio is cool! :D

Ice Pandora said...

Pretty Sarah ^^ love the bag!
And wow, you edit that video o: pretty impressive! I like it.


Fern Li said...

your stop motion animation was cute :3 !!

Michelle Lee See said...

i larva u

Anonymous said...

May I ask, what song did you use in that awesome stop animation? :)

whitney said...

You're so gorgeous! I love your shirt and that animation!