April 3, 2011

Beside you

Top from suitcase rummage, shorts from Portmans, headband from Lovisa.

I went out with some girls and boys to suitcase rummage today. It was so crowded today that you actually had to wait for people to move ugh. All of us spent an hour there until we got sick of walking around in circles and bumping into people. I ended up getting three things which totaled up to $11. I think thrifting's made me way too stingy :(

Apart from the top in the outfit above ($3), I also got a knit sweater dress thing($3) and a bag ($5). The knit dress admittedly looks kinda gross from the photo below but I swear it looks a lot heaps better when I put it on.

This 12 week term is really beginning to kill me. I don't know how I'm going to survive another fortnight /melts. I hope everybody has a wonderful week!


h.tea said...

LOL! I think thrifting has made me stingy too! I used to be fine with paying $60-$80 or even $100 for a retail store item ... but now I'm reluctant if it's $30/$40 LOL! Like, I really have to stop and think about it.

LOLLL! I'm not sure if that's what you meant or if you're reluctant about paying x amount for a thrifted item ... but when it comes to thrifted items, I don't want to be paying more than $10 for a single item!

Anita said...

The things you got are so nice :3 I wish they had suitcase rummage in Sydney.

Ice Pandora said...

Cute cute cute! (what's with the censored birdface??)
So clean and simple outfit ^^

And nice and omggg cheap haul *o* where you bought??


Vivian Nguyen said...

I love your knit sweater dress! Hahahah yeah... I once went into a thrift shop and saw a sweater for $6 and being influenced by my cousins deeply, I said it was expensive. Oh dear!! LOL :|

Anonymous said...

Omg Sarahhh post a pic of you wearing the knit dress pretty pleasee :) I wanna see what it looks like on haha. Pleasee :) xx

Yak Man said...

I love your room :O. Your outfit is awesome like always ^^

Fern Li said...

nice outfit! ^^
i wish there was a suitcase rummage here in melbourne D:
but then my bf would be like "eww thats not designer, get away from it!" ..friggen gaytard >> lol!
I wanna see you in the knitted dress <3 <3 ;D