April 12, 2011

Just a mix of topics

I'm in a super wonderful mood tonight because all my assessments are over! OUWDOJOIDHISD I can now relax and screw up my body clock again. This feels so amazing I cannot even explain. So yeah, to celebrate this occasion I'll be rambling on about useless things and splattering this post with photos I never uploaded to blogspot.

This is my wardrobe which I recently covered with pages from Russh and Cleo. Clusters of images always fascinate me but I can never seem to compose them properly. That sentence made no sense if you think about it. This reminded me of suitcase rummage for some reason. Just letting you guys know that I'll definitely be selling next month! (unless I forget to register or the weather decides to be bipolar or something)

I really adore doing people's hair. Alice is trusting me to bleach and dye her hair these holidays because the salons usually charge around $100 for a treatment and askldjasdkh I can't wait. By the way, I finally got my mum's consent to dye my hair. Hopefully I'll get a nice medium brown that's actually noticeable.

Okay, last one. This is my gorgeous friend Linda. She's been with me through a lot. I can tell her every single one of my secrets and not only will the secrets never come out of her mouth again, she will also never judge me. It's so rare for me to meet somebody who could accept every single part of me without wanting to change any of it. She's one of the sweetest girls I've met in this lifetime and I'm never letting her leave. We've already made plans to go to America when we're 19 or so as well :)

Have a great night!
ps/ My cousin started a youtube channel and I'm helping him promote it so here's his latest video below! Subscribe :)


Yak Man said...

lovely photos :). I like your haircolour ;o

Yak Man said...

lovely photos :). I like your haircolour ;o

Fern Li said...

YAY for good moods :D
I like the pictures on your wardrobe, my room if filled with pictures, i like going to my friends house who also cover their walls with pictures and i just spend time looking at them all :)

Woo I cant wait until you dye your hair!! i like my hairdresser, i don't care how much they charge me because I enjoy seeing her. xD

Thats such a nice picture of your friend <3

I'm so capped right now so I can't watch that video :(